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  • make more recaps

    please make more recaps for season 1
  • This was a GREAT show. Both my husband and I really enjoyed this show, which is not a common thing. I was sad to see it taken off and hope they bring it back on. My husband was also shocked and disappointed it was killed.

    This was an awsome show for both the men and the women. Perhaps day and time change would have helped it, but I have a lot of friends and thier spouses disapointed along with my husband and I that this show is off the air. Each on of the characters chosen for the parts fit the roles perfectly. Even my teen daughter liked to be able to watch a show with us (her parents) that was cool and action packed. IT was terrific, sexy, action packed, funny and totally entertaining series. GET REAL with your choices of good and bad shows to delete. We would much rather watch a clean, don't change that channel, don't leave during a commercial, and can't wait for next weeks show than some of the most ridiculous reality shows they call entertainment. If my family and my opinion helps, PLEASE PLEASE bring the show back on TV. It is a loss to the station for ratings as far as we are concerned.
  • Best show on CBS!

    CBS has done it again with a new hit show. From CSI to NCIS to Medium to Ghost Whisperer, who would have known they would come out with an amazing medical drama!
    The actors are talented and amazing. If you haven't watched this show yet you should catch it online. offers all episodes for free view.
    I am so addicted to this show. I have watched each episode at least 3 times each. Being a single teenage girl, Mike Vogel makes the show even better haha! With his sense of humor and great education of his career his character is amazing.
  • It's a good show, and I'm not into medical shows.

    It's a good show because it is about the job and not the characters. Let's be clear, character-driven shows suck. They are shallow and melodramatic. So it's good to see that the medical profession, a difficult and highly dramatic career even in real life, is more than just a sad prop for the overblown libidos of the characters. Now if they can keep it up and not fall back on bad writing then I'll keep watching. But it does worry me because for some reason medical shows are much more likely to use sex and other tools of mediocrity to increase the "intensity" of the show when they should focus on good solid job-based drama.
  • With great writing and a more realistic feel, this show could go a long way.

    Let me just begin by saying that Miami Medical is so far beyond Grey's Anatomy's desperate attention whoring that it is not even amusing. Miami Medical has heartfelt stories and characters that I actually want to believe in. One can't help but draw connections to NBC's ER, but I have to admit I like this one better. If CBS is actually smart enough to keep it around I see it continuing for a long time. I have enjoyed every episode so far and I can't wait to see what else is in store. I'm really crossing my fingers that this show gets renewed. It's not like Lost or Heroes where the material will run out, it's much more like CSI, they will always have new things to write without it becoming the same old thing. Maybe if they give it a shot my faith in network drones will almost be revived, if they let this go, it will really be a mistake.
  • Not so special

    I kinda liked this show, but I think there were a few things that worked against it: right now the television landscape doesn't have space for another medical show, at least until House and Grey's anatomy will be on air (Sorry CBS, but it doesn't seem you have any kind of luck with this kind of shows). The city of Miami was completely overshadowed (which it's kind of usal, the same happens on Grey's, but that show is not called "Seattle anatomy"). Didn't like Gooding character, he was given terrible lines and seemed to roam around the hospital just to deliver those lines. The rest of the cast was good enough, especially Proctor (and I liked to progressive unveiling of things pertaining his past). A good twist was Dr. zambrano waking in Proctor's bed and all that followed. what else? the show didn't blow me away for its originality, but if it had continued I would have kept watching.