Miami Medical

CBS (ended 2010)





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  • Not so special

    I kinda liked this show, but I think there were a few things that worked against it: right now the television landscape doesn't have space for another medical show, at least until House and Grey's anatomy will be on air (Sorry CBS, but it doesn't seem you have any kind of luck with this kind of shows). The city of Miami was completely overshadowed (which it's kind of usal, the same happens on Grey's, but that show is not called "Seattle anatomy"). Didn't like Gooding character, he was given terrible lines and seemed to roam around the hospital just to deliver those lines. The rest of the cast was good enough, especially Proctor (and I liked to progressive unveiling of things pertaining his past). A good twist was Dr. zambrano waking in Proctor's bed and all that followed. what else? the show didn't blow me away for its originality, but if it had continued I would have kept watching.