Miami Vice

Season 2 Episode 10

Back in the World

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 06, 1985 on NBC

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  • Break on through

    This epsiodes is a time capsule for the USA in 1985. Like Born In The USA, the unfair plight of Vietnam Vets takes center stage in this one and doesn't let you look away.

    The character of Ira Stone is a well written mix of passion and plodding annoyance. In Maynard, it seemed like the writer corssed between vigilante leader and stoic public frontman, without meshing the two perfectly, but close enough.

    Stone proved to Crockett during the war how a mysterious Sergeant was smuggling heroin in soldier's body bags. Now he's trying to publish the story and enlists Crockett's help. But the help he really wants is for Crockett to locate the Sergeant, who turns out to be Maynard, played with aplomb by Watergate felon Liddy.

    Maynard's crew silences Stone's separated wife, and nearly take care of Stone himself, with his story literally saving his life.

    This storyline with Maynard and Stone would be reivisted one more time in Season 3's "Stone's War."