Miami Vice

Season 1 Episode 1

Brother's Keeper

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 16, 1984 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • (Shortly after Eddie got killed)
      Lt. Castillo: You haven't changed much from your old football days have you, Sonny?
      Sonny: Listen, Lou--
      Lt. Castillo: No! You listen! I haven't heard word one from you for a whole stinkin' week. No case reviews, no updates, no progress reports.
      Sonny: I was under. I was settin' up--
      Lt. Castillo: And no backups!
      Sonny: The last time I requested a backup, I nearly got shot to death by Bluto and Lee Harvey Oswald over there. And as for progress reports, I'd just as soon buy radio time.
      Lt. Castillo: Hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Are you implying that I've got a bad cop in my department?
      Sonny (sighs): All I know is, every time I've gotten within 20 blocks of this Colombian, I've had the pavement pulled right out from under me.
      Lt. Castillo: By the book. By the book, Sonny, from here on or I swear I'm pullin' you off the street.