Miami Vice

Season 1 Episode 1

Brother's Keeper

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 16, 1984 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Sonny: 2 weeks! 2 weeks of leg work I put in on this bust, and three fourths of the dealers turn out to be cops! Me, Scotie Wheeler and (motions to Rico) Dr. Voodoo here putting in a surprise guest appearance direct from Fun City.
      Lt. Castillo: Crockett--
      Sonny: Not ot mention Heckle and Jeckle jumpin' the gun by a good five minutes. Is that what you mean by team playin', Lou?
      Lt. Castillo: What I'm trying tp tell you is there was a foul-up--
      Sonny: You know, my badge says "Miami," but lately it's been lookin' a lot like Disney World.
      Lt. Castillo: Shut up, Crockett! And I'll explain. Now, Tubbs is here on priority clearance per direct request of the NYPD. Interagency memo, Crockett. Confidential.
      Rico: I'd sorta like to keep it that way, if you catch my drift. Hey, no offense, but when it comes to security leaks, this town of yours ain't exactly Pentagon South.
      Sonny (to Lt. Castillo): Interesting perspective. Now, tell me somethin' 'Dubbs.'
      Rico: Tubbs. My friends call me Rafael.
      Sonny: Are you down here for some specific value to the taxpayers, or are you just workin' on your tan?
      Rico (laughs dryly): Well, hush my mouth! He's so funny.

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