Miami Vice

Season 1 Episode 5

Calderone's Demise (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 26, 1984 on NBC
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While on the trail of Calderone in Bimini, Tubbs falls in love with a woman who forces him to consider his loyalties.

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  • The \\\"Bimini\\\" scenes are fake.

    I\\\'d really like to know where the \\\"Bimini\\\" scenes were shot because the producers must think we are all idiots. If you notice, many of the so called Bimini scenes have mountains in the background.....sorry gang, no mountains on Bimini. My guess...........the scenes were shot in either Puerto Rico or Virgin Islands.
  • Weaker second half to two part saga.

    Calderone's Demise turns out to be less gripping and shocking than Hit List that preceeds it, but that is almost expected as the writing, action sequences, plot developments and pacing of Hit List was practically perfect in it's implementation. So, as a result this less than equal second part is kind of expected, but also not a totally negative outcome as it is still a solid episode that gives the two part saga a well rounded combined score.

    The main aspect of the episode that lowers it's overall impact is the way in which the island story is developed as well as the subplot involving Tubbs and Calderone's daughter. Although the relationship between Tubbs and Calderone's daughter provides an excellent plot device for the ending and provides the basis for the emotional and moral decision that Tubb's is faced with, it is the development of the realtionship up till that point that is handled poorly. A rare case of poor development but miraclous final execution, in that it is slow and tacky in showing the bonding between the two characters, but in the end a bond is still established and can theoretically make you doubt what Tubb's actions might be in the critical moment.

    Besides the romantic subplot, the actual island story of the Tubbs and Crockett posing as the hitman and the possibility of a crooked local cop comes off as less than thrilling. The possibility of the plan's success is in doubt in the audiences mind right from the beginning because of it's logical errors. One good thing to say about it is that we get to see some stunning island visuals.

    The real higlight of the episode is as alluded to above, the showndown between the officers and Calderone in his mansion. We get the ambiguity in mindset with Tubb's and a stellar few seconds of action where the shooting takes place. The body of Calderone being thurst backward and partially sliding into the pool is a fitting end to such an evil character.moreless
  • Excellent conclusion to this two-parter

    Directed by Paul Michael Glaser, part 2 of "Calderone's Return" is a solid affair. With a show as stylish as this, there is no "previously on 'Miami Vice'" recap. Instead, we are plunged into the action and pop-video style flashback sequences accompanied by "Voices" from Russ Ballard.

    The search for Calderone takes us to Bimini where Tubbs falls for a beautiful woman, Angelina. Tubbs is dealt a cruel twist of fate and is forced to consider what action to take when Crockett's life is placed in danger. Are his loyalties still with Crockett or are his emotions tied up with Angelina? The episode finishes with Tina Turner's "What's Love Got To Do With It?" rather than the usual end music.moreless
  • One of my top five favorites of the season!

    This was a very good conclusion to the original Calderone storyline, and the visuals are great - especially the speedboat sequences. The use music in this episode is one of the greatest examples in the entire series. Plus, Philip Michael Thomas puts in a great performance as well. My top five favorites of season one are:

    Brother\'s Keeper

    Calderone\'s Return, Part 2

    Calderone\'s Return, Part 1

    No Exit


Don Johnson

Don Johnson

Det. James "Sonny" Crockett

Philip Michael Thomas

Philip Michael Thomas

Det. Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs

Sam McMurray

Sam McMurray

Jimmy "Jimbo" Walters

Guest Star

Miguel Pinero

Miguel Pinero

Orlando Calderone

Guest Star

Benjamin R. Rixson

Benjamin R. Rixson

Chief Albury

Guest Star

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