Miami Vice

Season 5 Episode 17

Freefall (1 & 2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 21, 1989 on NBC

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  • Crockett and Tubbs finally catch a big fish - only to find out they were not supposed to keep him on the hook.

    In the end of the series, we are treated to an episode that is terrific on its own but doesn\'t mesh well wish the rest of the series.

    Crockett and Tubbs are sent by Captain Highsmith (nominally Castillo\'s boss) to infiltrate a Central American country and snack the leader, General Borbon. (Loosely based on Manuel Noriega.)

    The first half deals with the mission itself, with the acknowledgement they probably won\'t make it back.

    The second half deals with Borbon\'s evading them back in Miami. The actual storyline, with a farewell scene with Izzy, a kidnapping of Tubbs, the surprise people behind the plot to keep Borbon free and a battle royale with Crockett and Tubbs foregoing regulations and deciding to snatch the General through any means necessary, is really good.

    The only letdown is the underuse of the supporting cast. Switek\'s gambling storyline is concluded but rushed. Castillo plays a minor role until near the end. Trudy is barely there and Gina has one line and is never shown speaking on screen.

    That said, the final moments of the episode, seguing into a montage of the series highlights under Terry Kath\'s vocals, is a nice end to the best show of the 80\'s