Miami Vice

Season 5 Episode 9

Fruit of the Poison Tree

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 1989 on NBC

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  • You see it coming - so why didn't she?

    While a good story, this episode suffers from predictability a bit. But it contains great performances.

    It opens with a drug dealer's arrest and subsequent release do to a typo Switek made on the report.

    The dealer has been infiltrated by Gina. It appears she may been over the line with the guy, but no ties to season 4's "Blood and Roses" come up.

    The scene of an ambush on Gina with an innocent victim involved is well done.

    But the main story evolves into one involving the seasoned defense attorney employed by the dealer and the protege who defends him against Crockett's stance of him being someone protecting thugs.

    Eventually we learn that he rips off drug dealers and resells the product. His protege, played very well by Amanda Plummer, is shown the light about his true nature by Sonny, but in a highly personal way that she should have realized. The lawyer is set up in a face off with the dealer.

    By the time the battle is through, the bodies are strewn about and Crockett coldly asks her if she thought it would be all pretty.

    While logic should dictate that backup should have arrived, etc., the performances carry the predictablilty of the story into a pleasing experience. This season features Tim Truman's music, not Jan Hammer's, and this episode shows why the choice of Truman was a very good one.