Miami Vice

Season 2 Episode 3

Out Where The Buses Don't Run

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 1985 on NBC

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  • A classic of the early Vice style

    Vice began with glitzy style but the best moments of the first 3 seasons came when substance backed it up.

    This one delivers.

    Sony and Rico encounter a former vice cop named Hank Weldon. Weldon was a great cop who lost everything after a case against drug lord Tony Acaro failed.

    Weldon lot his wife, his life and some of his sanity perhaps. The detectives persue a small time hood called Skates and some dealers who have old ties to Arcaro, while Weldon tries to convince them to help him find Arcaro, who he insists is still calling the shots.

    They find a grudging respect for Weldon, as he works rings around them in helping set up a raid. But when the make the raid, Arcaro isn't found.

    Despite foreshadowing by Weldon's former partner Marty Lang early on, you aren't really prepared to accept the horrible truth but you know it's coming. Weldon calls Tubbs to say he's found Arcaro. Once arriving they see he's right, after Weldon knocks out the wall he built with Lang years ago after he killed Arcaro, unable to accept losing him on a technicality. The site of the decaying body in the wall (an homage to the Tell Tale Heart almost) is a release for the audience.

    McGill, famous as a sidekick on MacGyver, is absolutely brilliant as Weldon, and you can feel sympathy for him in the end. Bravo.