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  • The tv series is remembered by everyone from the 80s. It redefined how people dressed and acted. Great show.

    The tv series is remembered by everyone from the 80s. It redefined how people dressed and acted. Great show. Two police detectives in a fun and action filled series from the hot city of Miami. It's been recognized as one of the most recognized and action packed TV series of all time. I love these shirts by the way: . Despite some implausible storylines, cornball humor, and over-the-top melodrama, Miami Vice was the seminal Cop Show of The 80s Me Decade. No Cop Show before it had dealt with the realities of drugs, power, corruption, and money in Multi-cultural America the way this show did. And it was FUN to watch! Created by Anthony Yerkovich and produced by famed movie director Michael Mann. Don Johnson as James "Sonny" Crockett, Phillip Michael Thomas as Ricardo Tubbs, and Edward James Olmos as the stoic Lt. Martin Castillo, were perfect in their respective roles. If they were one thing; They were cops! The rest of the supporting cast fit in well. As well as providing comic relief to the more serious themes of evil, vice, and crime. Jan Hammer created one of the most recognizable themes in all of Television History as well as composing background music for nearly every episode of it's five year run. (Jan Hammer dropped out of the series towards the end. Tim Truman was chosen by Michael Mann to compose some great music for the final 22 episodes.) Seasons Four and Five are considered the years that Miami Vice "jumped the shark." If you're a fan, you know where you stand. I love them all. It's one of the episodes I remember vividly from the 80s and it's a scream! Tight and loose fitting pastel fashions. 80s New Wave, Pop, Top 40, and Reggae provided some of the cinematic background Music Video sequences for a brand new MTV Generation. Fast exotic cars, like Ferraris and Lamborghinis. They too, were characters in the show. Fast exotic car chases. Wealthy well-dressed eccentric cocaine and heroin dealers. The Miami Club Scene. Beautiful modern luxury dream homes. Fast Cigarette boats and luxury yachts. Brutal and blazing police shootouts.