Miami Vice

Season 1 Episode 4

The Hit List (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 1984 on NBC

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  • Top notch episode!

    The pilot episode of Miami Vice was stunning and there is no way that it could fail to hook a new viewer to the show, an accomplishment of no small weight as a lot of pilot episodes fail to excite or really stand out. As good as the pilot was, The Hit List blows right by it and appropriately leaves the viewer reeling as if hit over the a good way!

    The initial limo hit sequence is hard hitting, and even though the physical shotgun blast damage is extremly exaggerated, it doesn't come off as extremly over the top or unrealistic to the viewer. Instead it effectively protrays the brutality and danger of the "Argentinian" and makes it violently clear to the audience that this is one dedicated killer. The calm, laidback, analytical demeanor of the hitman as he stalks his target and plans the hit is an effective and interesting contrast in character to his the aformentioned violence and brutality that he displays while actually carrying out the deed. Great acting and character realization.

    What really pushes this episode into the realm of classic is the unexpected shooting and death of Lou Rodriguez (Gregory Sierra). Too many times in cop and other action based shows the main characters are placed in danger but the audience knows (and is not disappointed in their prediction) that said characters will do the impossible and escape untouched or miss death or injury by the closest of inches. Not the case in this episode and it totally catches you offguard in this respect. I will admit that when Sierra's character saw the flashes of the rifle scope from the office building I was pretty confident that he would dive and save Crockett and himself from any surprise in him actually getting hit and injured to the degree he did was a result purely genuine and brought me into the show to a level that is quite rare. The news at the end of the episode that he has died of his injuries just drew me in even deeper and made the next weeks episode ESSENTIAL viewing.

    Definte higlight of the show, but do not forget to include the other supurb sequences of the final Crockett residence shootout and the various times we see the Argentinian in close proximity to Crockett stalking him with his stoic and anonomyous demeanor.

    Must watch.