Miami Vice

Season 5 Episode 21

Too Much, Too Late

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 25, 1990 on NBC

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  • Great lost episode!

    This is a great lost episode as it showed on
    USA Network at the time and not on NBC where
    It was originally broadcast as Ricardo tries to renew his ties and relationship with an old flame.
    But the flame Valerie is just using him to get back at a drug dealer and rescue her friend!
    Great show that was very stylish!
  • Forced but well designed, preparing for the end.

    This is an exciting episode with some forced scenes but good acting and it is a shame it wasn\\\'t originally shown during the series run.

    All the major season\\\'s story arcs make an appearance. Crockett is clearly burning out, and at odds with Tubbs throughout, for following the same bad roads Sonny has traveled. Switek runs out on a Gambler\\\'s Anonymous meeting and can break his habit, which is getting him deeply in trouble.

    The main story brings Tubb\\\'s old flame Valerie back to Miami. (See her in Season 1 \\\"Rites of Passage\\\" and Season 2 \\\"The Prodigal Son\\\".)

    Her old friend (played by a young CCH Pounder) is back on drugs and beaten up by her dealer, who also is noticing her teen daighter, Valerie\\\'s godchild. Valerie gets Tubbs and Crockett involved with the case and tries to help her friend. But the money she loans her goes to buy more drugs, and even more disturbing, to agree, at first, to let the fiend have his way with her daughter as payment.

    When the friend is killed, Valerie feels responsible. And when Vanessa, the daughter, is missing, Val steps in to helpfully locate her. Too much so for Sonny\\\'s tastes.

    Rico can\\\'t see it, as he is still smitten and actually proposes to her. She can\\\'t answer right away. Tension runs high when Vanessa, found to have been raped by the dealer, and clearly knowing who he is, can\\\'t pick him out of a lineup. The conclusion is very gripping and actually a surprise you shoudln\\\'t see coming. In the end, Tubbs is left again by the burnt out Val, ready to turn in her New York badge.

    Tubbs couldn\\\'t know that soon, he would be turning his in too.

    The music by Tim Truman is fabulous, and is the best example why he deserves better reviews. Sure, he replaced Jan Hammer. But his sound provokes emotion Hammer couldn\\\'t in some scenes. This episode is immediate memorable, and the best of the \\\"Valerie\\\" epsiodes.