Miami Vice

Season 5 Episode 16

Victim of Circumstance

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 05, 1989 on NBC

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  • Weird opening, shocking violence and going down the wrong paths - this episode is a solid entry.

    The opening sequence, with an old man warning some unseen presence to keep away from his door, is clearly a setup to make the viewer go, \"What?\"

    The action switches to 3 brothers in crime at a restaurant, with one leaving the scene moments before the other two and the owner brutally shot and killed in an absolutely suspensful scene that will make your jaw drop.

    But it\'s a red herring. The third brother wasn\'t involved, and he convinces Crockett and Tubbs of it.

    The investigation turns on the next victims of the killer. Both scenes had bystander victims, but all featured someone who was a Holocaust survivor.

    The detectives meet a man, Dr. Krebs, dedicated to persuring the Nazi perps and learned the people killed were ones he had just met with to shore up them testifying. Two witnesses remain alive, an old man at a nursing home and the man himself.

    The investigation leads to Crockett and Switek infiltrating a hate group led by John Baker. Having seen a reporter trying to gain access to the group, Sonny is able to set her up to meet with Baker and Krebs.

    While the identity of the killer isn\'t that hard to fathom, the show does an excellent job of making you forget about it until the appropriate time. They also do a great job of re-introducing the surviving brother at the perfect moment as well.

    This episode is also a perfect studying in the change of Sonny Crockett. Played out ofver the season, this ep shows you the change Crockett has undergone. He still cares about his job, but he is giving in the the feelings of hoplessness about it. Two years before in \"Streetwise\" Crockett thinks there\'s always hope. Now, Crockett is losing sight of it himself.
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