Michael & Michael Have Issues

Season 1 Episode 2

Biederman's Birthday

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Jul 22, 2009 on Comedy Central

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  • Episode 2.

    Not bad, but Flight of the Conchords...er Michael and Michael Have Issues, still needs some works. Like Conchords the stars seem intent on having these cutaway scenes (on the HBO series they have music videos and here they have sketches) but the best parts of the show are just when the stars are walking around and following the plot of the episode.

    Again, I do not like continually comparing the two shows but the scene with Michael Ian Black buying the pot only to get arrested was something straight out of Flight of the Conchords. That is a compliment, but the show still needs somebody for that Murray role and Biederman is not it.
  • Wow, perhaps I was too quick to judge this show.

    First, let me apologize for rating a 3.5 on the show after seeing one episode. At that point, episode listings were not available and I was highly unimpressed so I figured the pilot was as good as it was going to get. I have never changed my opinion about a show before, and I doubt this will be the exception, but this episode didn't suck!

    This episode was pretty damn good to be honest. The thing that struck me as I watched was that while it did lack a bit in laughs, the plot was very well-conceived. While I was not let down, I still feel like this show lacks in originality. I was not the only reviewer to notice that the office scenes seemed a bit like Flight of the Concords. The same reviewer mentioned it seemed like British humor which does not to well over here. With a few exceptions (most including Ricky Gervais) I hate British comedy. I still get the feeling that these guys might be trying a bit too hard to be like recent comedy phenoms, but there definitely were glimpses of originality in this episode. The whole pot storyline was hilarious.

    Compared to hbo comedies, the wit is lacking and the jokes are hit-or-miss with about half being funny and the other half lazy and unoriginal. For a comedy central show (a network that seems to give the worst ideas a chance) this is not so bad. I have to say, getting rid of the third Stella guy was a good move. I doubt I will ever love this show. In fact, judging by the commercials for next week's episode I very well may regret being so optimistic, but for now I will give this a shot. In fact, I am going to see if there is a way to delete my last review completely.