Michael & Michael Have Issues

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Unknown on Comedy Central

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  • Showalter and Black have a road trip on their way to a college gig.

    Well after the show started to improve somewhat, it reverted back to form.

    I only really was impressed with one gag, everything else was uninspiring and so done before. The one gag that made me was the "Rabbit Stomping" contest. Very bizarre and over the top. It even had a couple of gross out moments. Well done. This is something that I've been waiting from the show.

    Unfortunately, everything after that was uninspiring at best.

    Showalter and Black go their gig, but Showalter ends up hogging the spotlight and time for himself
    ....this gag has been done before on numerous shows.

    I got a smirk out of it at best but comeon this is supposed to be a primetime show where I am expecting a bit more than the conventional gags...

    I thought the roadtrip thing could have been a good idea but alas aside from the first gag I mentioned everything was too conventional.

    The last "gag" was Showalter apparently escorting a bimbo into his room about to have sex while being "concerned" that he might awaken Black (life if he cares)...another rather routine gag.

    This episode at best was a dud. Clearly an episode where the guys became lazy and didn't do much in the way of creative thinking to present a really thought provoking comedy episode again aside from one bizarre gag.
  • Good episode.

    This was an extremely Flight of the Conchords episode, but it worked and produced some very quotable comedy. There were none of the annoying workers at the office, no skits with them, just Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black being their goofy selves for 22 minutes.

    The actual standup in the show was not very good, but I would not expect these two to be good standups, they are just funny supporting actors who do not deserve to be the leads of a series. While this was good, this will not by any stretch of the imagination save this show and get it a second season.