Michael & Michael Have Issues

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Aug 26, 2009 on Comedy Central

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  • The finale of Michael and Michael Have Issues.

    The question is this the series finale or season finale?

    I will say maybe series finale. Although this show has enough potential for Comedy Central to give it a second season. It's not a huge budget show, it does try to add variety, and different skits every week.

    In this episode, Michael and Michael are invited to have roles in their rival shows. The guys from that show have Black and Showwalter wear green screen uniforms (kind of a dead giveaway that something wouldn't go according to plan).

    Black and Showalter do their bits thinking this was a nice gesture by their rivals. Later they see that they've been duped into playing a couple of jerks named D**kheads. They are humiliated beyond belief. The joke is very funny. So how Black and Showalter get back at these losers? Frogboxing!!! Yeah Frogboxing!!! Wait. What? Frogboxing?

    LMAO. I expected something really crude and strong to nail these guys, but what Black and Showalter came up could be viewed as pathetic.

    I guess this was a comedy skit where you expect one thing and get another.

    In a way, the Frogbox was one of those "it's so stupid, it's funny" type of skits.

    The comedians do try to differ themselves from other shows by giving up us something completely unexpected.

    This episode made me laugh. It might have really won me over with something a bit more over the top.

    However, I'll give them credit by coming up with something different to make you laugh.

    This was an ok. It had potential. They also did a few terrible episodes, and then had a couple great ones.
  • The series finale.

    Michael and Michael Have Issues is most likely done after this episode. It would be nothing short of a miracle to see this show renewed. While it was a fun seven episode ride (by summer TV standards) when shows like 30 Rock and Curb Your Enthusiasm return I cannot even see myself going out of the way to catch every broadcast of a show like this.

    Rob Huebel (Human Giant) and H. Jon Benjamin (Important Things With Demetri Martin) guest starred in this episode, playing a rival sketch comedy duo. Their appearance was harmless, but not exactly an epic guest spot by any stretch of the imagination.

    And I think that the sketch they had Mike and Mike in was a bit inappropriate.
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