Michael & Michael Have Issues

Season 1 Episode 1

Greg The Intern

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Unknown on Comedy Central

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  • The premiere of Michael and Michael Have Issues.

    Hmmm what a mix bag we have here. This show is one of those shows that probably won't last long. If you aren't a fan of either Showalter or Black, you're unlikely to tune it. This show needs a lot of work.

    A couple of jokes were great, and I did get a laugh. Other jokes were lame as hell like if they'd be written by a couple of kids in junior high. Yikes. Not good.

    Let's start off with the positives before going into the negatives. Showalter and Black obviously have chemistry with each other. Otherwise, they'd wouldn't get their own show. It's also obviously that as smart as these guys pass themselves off they aren't the most sophisticated of writers or comedians. I saw Black in MTV's "The State" a long, long time ago.

    If I was a newbie who'd never seen any of these guys before, I'd probably come away unimpressed with the duo. The fart joke was lame, the intern storyline which was funny at first, turned out to be equally if not more terrible than the fart gag.

    I think the best joke of the pilot was the skit with the whole Virginity pledge with Black playing a guy who was bisexual at best. He was playing some geek in high school.

    The word skit was ok. Not bad. The gag trailer about a fatal attraction has been done to death. I expected just a bit more.

    This show needs to be more over the top for it to succeeded.

    It seems that the guys were just happy to have a show but then didn't give it their best shot especially in a pilot.

    I am going to tune to see how next episode does compared to the first. However, for a pilot this was nothing to write home about.
  • How did the show perform?

    Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter, stars of the comedy troupe Stella, debuted their latest foray into the world of television with Michael and Michael Have Issues. The show revolves around the two stars and head writers of a fictional show also titled Michael and Michael Have Issues.

    Despite the fact that MAMHI is a show-within-a-show premise, it is more like HBO's Flight of the Conchords than programs like 30 Rock, Extras or The Larry Sanders Show. The show has that awkward, British style of humor that rarely translates well on American TV, but here it almost does. The duo is comedically-gifted, but like Will Ferrell, they really need to work with a good editor who can produce their good scenes, and remove the dumb ones (see the butterfly farting recording for proof of that). If MAMHI can sort out the bad I see enormous potential here.