Michael & Michael Have Issues

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Jul 29, 2009 on Comedy Central

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  • Showalter and Black try to play matchmakers to two co-workers.

    A lot better than the pilot. It seems that whenever a comedy show has a decent plot, the jokes tend to be better.

    Showalter and Black playing matchmaker seem to be a decent concept on paper, and it turned out be enjoyable.

    The last joke was probably the best. I finally saw something that tried to be over the top funny still not over the top but the fact that they did try a risky type joke paid off.

    Showalter and Black act like two macho male pigs to Marla and Nick. Marla is the kind, nerdy type (or is she?). Nick is also a nerd. It was hilarious to see Showalter and Black try to get both of them to open up and asking very personal and immature questions.

    The skit they did with the sweatshirt gag was funny. It was a skit where one guy is trying to find a sweastshirt after a breakup. The salesman proceeds to describes a lot of the stuff that would be inappropriate to ask someone but it comes off as funny because it's two guys being mad and disappointed with love.

    Nick and Marla breakup leading up to a funny scene where Showalter and Black try to act angry that the guy has dumped her bearing in mind that it was Showalter and Black themselves who created this disastrous situation (co-worker romances are never a bright idea).

    Once we learn why he dumped her, the answer is so shocking and funny that even Black and Showalter are shocked themselves.

    "She wanted me to pee on her!!" LMAO
  • Funny, smart, clever.

    Funny, smart and clever, it seems like Comedy Central's laffer Michael And Michael Have Issues might be getting good. Just like it took time for Curb Your Enthusiasm to get on its feet and for the jokes to connect, this show seems to have finally mastered the art of improvisational comedy as Showalter and Ian Black can just seemlessly transistion from a serious line to a joke in seconds.

    Like a slightly less intelligent version of Flight of the Conchords, Michael and Michael Have Issues is a laugh a minute kind of program and something that definitely will have replay value once the inaugural season concludes.