Michael & Michael Have Issues

Season 1 Episode 6

Sh... Bag House

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Aug 19, 2009 on Comedy Central

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  • Showalter doesn't have a home to sleep in so Black offers to let him stay. However, trouble arises when Black doesn't like the way Showalter plays with the kids.

    Complete turnaround from last week. This might the best episode of the show bar none. The show has been inconsistent overall with the laughs. However, this episode showed that sign of brilliance and potential that a comedy show needs to have.

    The fun starts with a segment about beds. It's really about a guy pretending to be fornacating with a girl next to him. However, since there is no girl with him he uses the salesman. You just have to see it to believe it. Funny.

    We move on to the plot of this episodes. Showalter has doesn't have to a place to sleep in. He sleeps in at the office. Black offers to have spend a couple of days at his house. Right off the bat we get a exchange of dialogue between the two guys showing that this won't be a rosy deal. Black wants Showalter to walk around without his shoes. He then complains that Showalter used all the hot water when he took a shower.

    Of course the writings are building up a hilarious confrontation soon coming.

    The family and Show are playing a game of Operation. Showalters decides to horse around with the son and slaps him on the butt. Black and the wife see Showalter see this as beating up on the kid which is not it at all.

    Black kicks him out of the house and Showalter is pissed. The highlights of his revenge including literally throwing feces at Black's house and writing the words "YOU SUCK" on his garage door. Honestly, though Black had it coming.

    Then we another hilarious skit that all was a wordplay on the word FORK and the curse word FU**. Really well done. Funny stuff.

    This was a funny episode all the way through. Like I said probably the funniest episode of the show. The show has had inconsistencies as far as quality but it did improve. It probably deserves another season.
  • Mike and Mike 106.

    Tonight was the penultimate episode of Michael and Michael Have Issues and while it was pretty heavy on laughs, it was also pretty heavy on the childish, puerile humor the show is known for. Time and time again I say how with a veteran executive producer or writer this show could be really good and be pretty close to 30 Rock in terms of quality, but if Showalter and Ian Black are so incessant on lame sex jokes than I do not see that happening.

    Michael and Michael Have Issues is suprisingly better than I had anticipated, but I still think it needs a miracle to get renewed for a second season.
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