Michaela's Zoo Babies

Weekdays 6:00 PM on Channel Five Premiered Aug 11, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Great wildlife documentary based in zoos all around the UK, Bursting with cute animals and brilliant stories. It's a must-see for animal fans!

    This is a really great wildlife documentary that travels round lots of different zoos and wildlife parks in the UK to witness new births, and struggles that newborn animals may face.

    Admittedly, I started watching this because I wanted to see cute baby animals (which I did, so no complaints there!) - but it turned out to be a really great show. Unlike a lot of wildlife shows, this one seemed to balance the cute-ness well with the realism that some shows either neglect to mention or smother you in.

    This show had a range of animals, some common, some endangered, some big, some small - and it was interesting to watch. The show talks to the keepers, and showed how much the staff try to help animals rear their babies without interfering... but the show never came across too "heavy", it was kept light hearted, and made you engaged with what happened to the animals that each episode followed. Definitely worth watching, although it's not all baby lions & sunshine - there are the sadder moments too - but if you're a fan of animals, want to know what really goes on behind the scenes when animals are born in zoos or just want to watch some really cute newborns - I'd definitely recommend watching this.