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ABC (ended 2000)


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  • A series that has the most memorable characters in a new version and century style. It's great to see a newer version of Pluto, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Daisy, Donald, Butch, Dinah, Goofy, Chip N' Dale and all the other characters in the series relivin

    The series is a very good, excellent show that has the newer version of the series in its new time. The series was started in 1999 and was a big hit. Some of the episodes including "Pluto's Arrow Error" was nominated for a best musical performance in the series. It's alos great to see that all the classic characters Mickey Mouse, minnie mouse, Donald Dick, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Dinah, Butch, Chip N' Dale and all other characters return to relive a memorable series but into a new way into leading on into the 21's century of Walt Disney history.
  • Cartoons now ain't good as the old ones but they can impress the new generation.

    Mickey Mouse Works is a brand-new generation of Disney cartoons. These cartoons help to keep the memories of Mickey Mouse and all his friends. The animation in this cartoon is bright but it isnt great. The plots may not be great for all those 1930s to 1960s Disney fans as they know that some of the characters conduct has changed.

    I do feel the show was underappreciated but it wasnt the best one out there. Some of the jokes were funny but they seemed more like Looney Tunes jokes (The time the turtle blew Donald's feathers off). The music isnt nice for me at all.

    And now, you are all wondering why I gave the show a 7 despite all that critisim, its because it managed to impress new fans who have never been able to see the classic Disney shorts.

  • This show deserves better.

    This show is really good. It has the modern adventures of Mickey Mouse and his friends. Unfortunately this show was replaced with House of Mouse and has not been seen since then. Though all the episodes of Mickey Mouse Works were aired on House of Mouse, we would like to see the original series again.
  • Now this is worth a try!

    Mickey Mouse Works is one of the greatest shows Disney ever had i did'nt watch the show when it was on nor did i watch it on youtube but i do watch repeats of the shorts on House of Mouse and guess what they have done a good job of it give this show a try you'll get a kick out of it if you liked the old Disney classics then this is the show for you this is not the only thing which airs on House of Mouse but the classics also air on there as well though i have downloaded the intro from RetroJunk and i must say this is pretty good this and House of Mouse are true Mickey Mouse shows which fans of Mickey would like, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse however does'nt have the same quality as these two shows notice that the characters in that show act like retards it's because of the stupid creator this is'nt even Walt Disney's fault it's some moron at Playhouse Disney's fault for creating that horror watch this and House of Mouse this show really is good i recommend this show to true Mickey Mouse fans and not the''Mickey Mouse is for toddlers and i enjoy this show(Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)'' fans.
  • mickey mouse travel with his friends solving problems being a detective.

    i like this show cause it is so meaningful to me it's like that signature of disney channel or disney land.i also like it cause it is so funny and pluto the dog makes me laugh sometimes. my favorite character is minnie mouse cause she has manners and she is so cute.i also love the donald duck and daisy love team they keep on breaking -up but at the end they will still be together.(it always make me laugh) . i like the show it is so good i wonder on how it's made i mean it is so detailed