Mickey Mouse Works

ABC (ended 2000)


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  • Cartoons now ain't good as the old ones but they can impress the new generation.

    Mickey Mouse Works is a brand-new generation of Disney cartoons. These cartoons help to keep the memories of Mickey Mouse and all his friends. The animation in this cartoon is bright but it isnt great. The plots may not be great for all those 1930s to 1960s Disney fans as they know that some of the characters conduct has changed.

    I do feel the show was underappreciated but it wasnt the best one out there. Some of the jokes were funny but they seemed more like Looney Tunes jokes (The time the turtle blew Donald's feathers off). The music isnt nice for me at all.

    And now, you are all wondering why I gave the show a 7 despite all that critisim, its because it managed to impress new fans who have never been able to see the classic Disney shorts.