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Mickey Mouse

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Mickey and the gang return in a series of new shorts, taking place in various locations around the world. A total of 19 installments have been produced.

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AIRED ON 1/22/2016

Season 3 : Episode 10

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  • Welcome Back to Disney Channel, Mickey

    Mickey and friends are back, baby! WHEEEEEEEEE! They are free from the clubhouse prison, more or less. So far those couple shorts I saw on internet and tv are the funniest shorts I've ever seen. Mickey Mouse is back as his mischievous self, but still a good guy. I'm not a fan of Goofy's redesign, but I get they just want him in a Dippy Dog version, but he's still Goofy no matter what he looks like. I can't wait to see Yodelberg, this is so far great. And who knows, maybe they finally get their half hour tv series. But in the meantime, I will enjoy those shorts and cherish them on Itunes.

    How do you like them apples, Hannah Montana?

    jm5189, SodaDog, and Disney4life, SCREW YOU FOR HATING THESE SHORTS!

    ANYTHINGxLOVER, thank you so very much. Come on, people! Mickey Mouse needs more love!moreless
  • An ACTUAL review to balance things out here

    Okay, since most of the people here are being absolutely childish and not actually giving anything resembling critique, I guess I'll have to do it.

    Mickey Mouse is easily the biggest part of my childhood. Heck, it's the biggest part of my life, if anything. I have watched the black and white shorts, the colored shorts from the 30's to the 50's and some of the revivals like Runaway Brain. Now I have watched this new anthology of three and a half minute-long shorts and I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that they are just fantastic.

    Helmed by Paul Rudish of Cartoon Network fame, Mickey Mouse '13 is a back-to-basics approach to the beloved cartoon rodent, harking back to his original characterization from the good old days: rambunctious, adventurous and mischievous, but still good-hearted and loyal to his friends. These new shorts sees good ol' Mick in a combination of old and contemporary settings, getting into situations where trouble is never far behind. Said contemporary settings include India, Japan, Brazil and China, with the characters speaking the countries' respective native tongues for some bilingual bonus for international viewers.

    Accompanying him, as always, are his gang comprised of soulmate Minnie Mouse, short-fused friend Donald Duck and HIS soulmate Daisy Duck, goofy and loyal pet Pluto, all with THEIR original personalities intact.

    The talent of the people in the crew really shines in these shorts. The art style seems hideous to a lot of people and just spells lazy, but again, it's reminiscent of an old style that was prominent in the 50's, comprised of thick black lines, flat landscapes, sketch lines and lightly-faded colors a la legendary artist Mary Blair. It works to the series' advantage as this lends to some outrageously hilarious sight gags featuring really smooth and fun-looking animation (for a frame of reference, take a look at shorts like 'Bad Ear Day' and 'Black and White').

    And of course, the big question that everyone wants to know is: are the shorts funny? Yes. Yes, they are. A lot of the comedy in these shorts are based on Mickey's character as opposed to Mickey reacting to what's around his immediate vicinity, which is how much of the old colored shorts panned out. Mickey's actions are usually what set the plot in motion for a lot of these shorts, and it's just entertaining seeing him trying to get out of the mess he's caused. And whenever his goody-goody personality crops up, they play it for laughs by having said personality fall flat on his face, forcing Mickey to do something completely out of the norm for him. The same also applies for the other characters, too, particularly Donald in 'Captain Donald'.

    I could go on and on about what a tremendous job Rudish and his team have done, but I should get to some of the series' shortcomings, too. What really struck me as jarring about the series is the fact that Donald's and Goofy's characters are taken to a slight extreme. We all know Donald is short-tempered and prone to anger, but here he has a tendency to be an outright jerk, even to his so-called friends. Goofy, on the other hand, was simply clumsy back then, but knew what to do and how to do it. Here, it's a miracle that he can even get himself out of bed sometimes.

    And that about wraps things up. Mickey Mouse '13 is a prime example of how to transition a long-existing character into the modern day. It hits every high note with both old audiences and audiences from a new generation, and re-solidifies Mickey Mouse as a pioneer of animation.

    PS. Comparing Mickey '13 to something like Liv and Maddie is like comparing a mansion to an outhouse. It needs to stop.moreless
  • A Re-review... You done F***ED IT UP, DISNEY!

    Uggh! This is going to really upset me. I mean REALLY upset me. Because a few months ago, I was practically glowing about these new Mickey Mouse shorts. I didn't care about the new art style of the characters apart from Goofy, I didn't care about the flash animation, I was just very happy to see my childhood idols back on mainstream television. Which is why after the first several episodes I gave it an 8 for my review.

    I love shorts like No Service, Yodelberg, Tokyo Go, Ghoul Friend, O Sole Minnie, Panda-monium and Mumbai Madness, as well as several others. Most of the ones that take place in other countries are probably the best ones, cause they celebrate and embrace different cultures, and provide humorous moments for each without being offensive. You can tell the writers took great care with making these.... So what happened?! WHAT HAPPENED DISNEY!

    Shorts like Tapped Out, Dog Show, Third Wheel and especially Potatoland are outright terrible! Hell, all of Season Two except for O Futebol Classico and Mumbai Madness have been a complete joke! Seriously, what happened? It's like the creators just stopped trying, cause the plots are completely ridiculous now, and it seems like Goofy's becoming kind of a jerk as time goes on. That is unacceptable! Your ruining your ONE ray of sunshine Disney Channel. You better shape up!

    I'm really sorry for the way I'm acting, but when something that starts off so great goes south so quickly, it gets me a little upset. Mickey Mouse went from being a new and entertaining spin on an iconic character to just mulling around in stuff that makes no sense. It's so disappointing. I'm really hoping that as the second season goes on that it'll get better, cause I love Mickey Mouse, and I don't want to have to talk bad about him, Goofy, Donald or Minnie. But right now, the new Mickey Mouse shorts are a mixed bag. Watch the great ones I listed, but avoid the bad ones I mentioned. Hopefully you'll like what you see too.moreless
  • It's BHHAAAful

    Okay Very Funny Disney.


  • Not nearly as good as Liv and Maddie

    SodaDog and Disney4life are right, this is boring and overrated and the animation is cut-rate just like Home on the Range (which is the worst Disney movie ever!) If you don't know what I mean by cut-rate, I mean it's cheap and no-good. Disney4life is also right about Liv and Maddie being much more solid. But hey, this is down to 7.6 now.

    UPDATE: I just changed this from 2 to 1 to bring the score down from 7.1 to 7.0. Thank you I-want-Milk for making this go down even more!moreless

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