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  • Welcome Back to Disney Channel, Mickey

    Mickey and friends are back, baby! WHEEEEEEEEE! They are free from the clubhouse prison, more or less. So far those couple shorts I saw on internet and tv are the funniest shorts I've ever seen. Mickey Mouse is back as his mischievous self, but still a good guy. I'm not a fan of Goofy's redesign, but I get they just want him in a Dippy Dog version, but he's still Goofy no matter what he looks like. I can't wait to see Yodelberg, this is so far great. And who knows, maybe they finally get their half hour tv series. But in the meantime, I will enjoy those shorts and cherish them on Itunes.

    How do you like them apples, Hannah Montana?

  • Is this the war of ratings?

    I though you were suppose to give your honest opinion about Mickey Mouse (2013). Like some users wants to drop the ratings to a zero just for fun. That really bugs me but if you really hate this show from the bottom of your heart then that's fine. You have the right to rate it a 1 but write a specific reason why it's bad. Okay Mickey Mouse (2013) relies on slapstick comedy humor in the modern day history with classic Mickey Mouse characters who are going through some childish situations. The Mickey Mouse characters your expecting from old school shorts is not what you think, believe me. The characters are radical and random like for example: One episode involves Goofy as a nice fellow friend to Donald and Mickey but in the first episode he was a scum bag that flips burgers with his belly popping out. Another example is where Mickey went wild and creepy over a living wiener that keeps running away from him. I seen some silly, well created situations before in Looney tunes but this is just plain basic. I have to acknowledge that the first episode 'No Service' was a bad start for the show since Donald place his duck butt on Mickey Mouse's face (Yeah what the hell). BUT THANK GOODNESS HE DIDN'T TWERK! I HATE THAT CRAP!

    Now to be positive, they had the right voice actors for the characters and the designers for the animation. That's not ugliness people, that's art. I don't see any corny backgrounds or studio errors. I don't mind the 4 minute length time, I mean do you want an episode about Mickey finding his lost ears for 22 minutes? Yeah no thanks. Am not going to lie, I did enjoyed some episodes like 'Yodelberg' where Mickey is struggling to reach the top of the mountain or 'Eau de Minnie' where Minnie had this new perfume that causes attention to the whole town. This show isn't meant to be taken personally. It's like saying that Scary Movie 2 was the worst horror movie when really it's a parody and it was supposed to be that way for laughs.

    Compare to the other animations these days, this is well decent. Don't take other people's apathy words just watch it for yourself and if you don't like it THEN FINE. Never again and you can move on. My honest opinion would be a 7 for it's voice acting, animation, and slapstick humor but since that people are not taking the ratings seriously, am scoring this a 10. You can thank me now.
  • This is Crazy

    I Mean this is so Funny I Love It!
  • An ACTUAL review to balance things out here

    Okay, since most of the people here are being absolutely childish and not actually giving anything resembling critique, I guess I'll have to do it.

    Mickey Mouse is easily the biggest part of my childhood. Heck, it's the biggest part of my life, if anything. I have watched the black and white shorts, the colored shorts from the 30's to the 50's and some of the revivals like Runaway Brain. Now I have watched this new anthology of three and a half minute-long shorts and I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that they are just fantastic.

    Helmed by Paul Rudish of Cartoon Network fame, Mickey Mouse '13 is a back-to-basics approach to the beloved cartoon rodent, harking back to his original characterization from the good old days: rambunctious, adventurous and mischievous, but still good-hearted and loyal to his friends. These new shorts sees good ol' Mick in a combination of old and contemporary settings, getting into situations where trouble is never far behind. Said contemporary settings include India, Japan, Brazil and China, with the characters speaking the countries' respective native tongues for some bilingual bonus for international viewers.

    Accompanying him, as always, are his gang comprised of soulmate Minnie Mouse, short-fused friend Donald Duck and HIS soulmate Daisy Duck, goofy and loyal pet Pluto, all with THEIR original personalities intact.

    The talent of the people in the crew really shines in these shorts. The art style seems hideous to a lot of people and just spells lazy, but again, it's reminiscent of an old style that was prominent in the 50's, comprised of thick black lines, flat landscapes, sketch lines and lightly-faded colors a la legendary artist Mary Blair. It works to the series' advantage as this lends to some outrageously hilarious sight gags featuring really smooth and fun-looking animation (for a frame of reference, take a look at shorts like 'Bad Ear Day' and 'Black and White').

    And of course, the big question that everyone wants to know is: are the shorts funny? Yes. Yes, they are. A lot of the comedy in these shorts are based on Mickey's character as opposed to Mickey reacting to what's around his immediate vicinity, which is how much of the old colored shorts panned out. Mickey's actions are usually what set the plot in motion for a lot of these shorts, and it's just entertaining seeing him trying to get out of the mess he's caused. And whenever his goody-goody personality crops up, they play it for laughs by having said personality fall flat on his face, forcing Mickey to do something completely out of the norm for him. The same also applies for the other characters, too, particularly Donald in 'Captain Donald'.

    I could go on and on about what a tremendous job Rudish and his team have done, but I should get to some of the series' shortcomings, too. What really struck me as jarring about the series is the fact that Donald's and Goofy's characters are taken to a slight extreme. We all know Donald is short-tempered and prone to anger, but here he has a tendency to be an outright jerk, even to his so-called friends. Goofy, on the other hand, was simply clumsy back then, but knew what to do and how to do it. Here, it's a miracle that he can even get himself out of bed sometimes.

    And that about wraps things up. Mickey Mouse '13 is a prime example of how to transition a long-existing character into the modern day. It hits every high note with both old audiences and audiences from a new generation, and re-solidifies Mickey Mouse as a pioneer of animation.

    PS. Comparing Mickey '13 to something like Liv and Maddie is like comparing a mansion to an outhouse. It needs to stop.
  • It's BHHAAAful

    Okay Very Funny Disney.


  • Not nearly as good as Liv and Maddie

    SodaDog and Disney4life are right, this is boring and overrated and the animation is cut-rate just like Home on the Range (which is the worst Disney movie ever!) If you don't know what I mean by cut-rate, I mean it's cheap and no-good. Disney4life is also right about Liv and Maddie being much more solid. But hey, this is down to 7.6 now.

    UPDATE: I just changed this from 2 to 1 to bring the score down from 7.1 to 7.0. Thank you I-want-Milk for making this go down even more!
  • Boring and overrated

    Why does everyone else seem to love this? It's boring and overrated. Sure, it has the iconic character who started it all, but the animation is REALLY ugly. I've only watched a few episodes of this show, and they were boring and unrealistic. I don't get the feeling this show is the way Walt would have wanted it to be. Is it supposed to be a comedy? Because I haven't laughed ONCE. I've had more laughs with Breadwinners. And did you notice the rating for this show is higher than The Lion King, Bambi, and Dumbo? It went down from 8.9 to 8.6 thanks to me, but it's still higher than the 8.5 for Bambi and 8.4 for The Lion King and Dumbo. May I ask why? Another thing, am I the only one who thinks this show's NOT better than Liv and Maddie? I hate how Liv and Maddie only has 5.8. I don't get why. If you ask me, they should air Gordy on Disney Channel, so that other people can see what a great and underrated movie it is. They only air the classics on Disney and there's still a lot of great classics they haven't aired. Like The Lion King, Lady and the Tramp, Bambi, Oliver & Company (SodaDog's favorite and my favorite soundtrack), Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book, 101 Dalmatians (the original), The Aristocats (SodaDog's other favorite), Beauty and the Beast, Frozen (it's recent but by now it's out on DVD so they SHOULD air it one of these days), Bolt (I have seen it on Disney XD), Aladdin, The Great Mouse Detective, The Sword in the Stone, The Rescuers Down Under, Pinocchio, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Brother Bear, and as already mentioned Gordy. I don't find this show to be much better than Jessie, ANT Farm, or Austin & Ally. I even liked an episode of Breadwinners better! (That episode is Love Loaf, which I rated 5.5). Not to mention I've liked episodes of Sam & Cat better too, and I actually decided Sam & Cat is almost as bad as Breadwinners and Rabbids Invasion.

    Disney, if you are reading this, PLEASE AIR THE MOVIES I MENTIONED ON DISNEY JR. Or even better, on regular Disney Channel where EVERYONE can see them. I must admit I don't get the criticisms for Liv and Maddie AT ALL. That show actually has more heart, laughs, and entertainment in it than this show does. At least to me. Am I watching a different Liv and Maddie than everyone else? I think I am. Maybe the Liv and Maddie I'm watching was actually supervised by Walt Disney himself. This show, however, is clearly not. Also, HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT LIKE GORDY? It too feels like it was supervised by Walt even though it came out 29 years after his death. However, it was also only ONE year after The Lion King.

    UPDATE ON JUNE 17 (originally posted on May 1): I'm lowering this from 4.5 to 1.0. Hence the rating dropped from 8.4 to 8.2. I already lowered Love Loaf to a 3.5, and I thought I'd lower this too. Plus I saw "Dog Show" today and hated it.

    UPDATE ON JUNE 27: Last night I watched this show with my brother after Toy Story 3 and it was the episode Potatoland, we both hated it. It got 0/10 and he even said, "I couldn't pay attention to that". And neither could I. And it was on right before the episode of Liv and Maddie Move-A-Rooney. And he went with 9.8 for Move-A-Rooney and 10 for Toy Story 3. But for this show we both say 0.

    UPDATE ON AUGUST 25: To I-want-Milk, I hate other shows besides this one. Some shows I hate that you haven't rated include Marvin Marvin, Fred: The Show, The Mighty B!, How to Rock, Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures, Wendell & Vinnie, and The Thundermans. Here are three more: Big Time Rush, Robot and Monster, and Dog with a Blog. Also what did you think of Henry Danger? I rate it a 3.5 but my brother rates it a 0! Except you can't rate lower than 1, but the real rating is a 0. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention MAD, Fish Hooks, and Shake it Up. Three more terrible shows. Also, could you perhaps start rating some shows that DON'T suck? Like for example Liv and Maddie is a great show that needs more likes. And what about other good shows like Regular Show or TUFF Puppy? I even had to change my rating for TUFF Puppy from a 9.5 to 10 just to get the average up. It's still a 7 but just barely. I had to rate it 10 and so did my brother. But yeah try looking at the stuff I've rated and see if you've seen anything on there that you either liked or hated.

    UPDATE AGAIN: I haven't actually watched Uncle Grandpa yet but I HAVE rated it a 1. And try watching Liv and Maddie and see if you like it! Also, I forgot to mention, there's a profile now for that crappy cartoon called Greeny Phatom. I saw your review of it at IMDb, maybe you could write one here? And I bet Cartoonwizard123 is a sockpuppet of AwesomeDude12. And who knows, maybe they're BOTH socks of minimew2020. Also, as to why Cartoonwizard123 likes bad shows and hates good ones, he claims in his review of Sanjay and Craig that he's not trolling, but chances are either he's lying or he's just a moron with no good taste. Or maybe both.
  • Aha! It's NOW 6.9!

    Ha! Now I rated 1.0 instead of 10!

    I haven't watched this yet, but I heard disney4life hates that show

    So I rated 1.0

    EDIT: Disney4life, I have rated all of shows that you hate on your review is 1.0, I have seem the promo for Henry Danger, It's terrible. and OH TsWade2, We have the right to hate a show, its a opinion. I'm starting to wonder if cartoonwizard123 is minimew2020. And disney4life, Can you review uncle grandpa and rate it 1.0? I heard this is one of the worst shows on cartoon network.. HOW COME CARTOONWIZARD123 RATES GOOD SHOWS A 1.0 AND BAD SHOWS A 10!?
  • TsWade2, we have the right to hate this show.

    If you have the right to hate Liv and Maddie then we can most certainly hate this. These shorts are stupid. Period. And now we've got yet another show that's making Uncle Walt role in his grave, THE 7D! Don't tell me you like THAT crappy cartoon too? Oh wait, YOU DO! 'Cause I saw you give it 10 in your ratings. Do you just think, "Oh as long as it's a cartoon it's great" but if it's not then it's automatically crappy? Learn the difference between crap and not crap people! Not only is this show stupid and unfunny but it's also just plain BOR-ING! And not to mention OVERRATED! How does this get 7.2 if Liv and Maddie gets 5.8? COME ON! Stop stereotyping that all cartoons are great and everything else sucks. YOU'RE WRONG! Otherwise I'd have to say Breadwinners, Rabbids Invasion, Sanjay and Craig, and Fanboy and Chum Chum are great shows too but that the movie Gordy sucks! Which Gordy DOES NOT suck! Watch Gordy instead of this stupid show. That's it for this review, now I'm gonna review something else.
  • Good Plots, but dud art style.

    The plots are good and original especially the first episode which was an original storyline. I kinda agree with Disney4life about the art style. Sure, it's original but it is mostly poor which is not even okay. Only good thing is it's nice to see Mickey has a better show for once other than the edutainmental erosion known as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • Mickey's Back!

    Mickey is finally back! You could say that he was in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but that wasn't the real Mickey. That THING probably kidnapped Mickey and pretended to be him. Anyways, these new shorts are awesome! The only problem is that they're a tad too short (but still awesome) and Mickey's expressions can be really weird sometimes. But other than that, it's great!
  • Mickey Returns!!!!

    After a few years of neglect by the Disney Channel, Mickey Mouse is finally back in a new series of 3 minute animated shorts that are not only pretty to look at but also that have the classic cartoon feel that Disney has been missing from their channel in quite sometime. I can honestly say that this is best thing that Disney has on their channel right now because not only will it bring in old school fans who grew up with Mickey mouse, but new comers as well. I only wish that the shorts were a tad bit longer (about 7 or 8 minutes).
  • Smart Move Disney

    This was a very smart move on Disney part, the shorts are excellent and I hope they keep it up

    Plot: 97% (A+)

    It's creative and but, there way too short; even for a cartoon short.

    Humor: 97% (A+)

    They manage to make it funny and still manage to have the classic type of comedy Disney shorts are most known for.

    Characters: 95% (A)

    I like how Disney's giving Mickey and Minnie their classic designs, and no one was an annoying and intolerable idiot (characters acting annoying and intolerably stupid is a weak point in many shows that Disney Channel and other channels like it air)

    Voice acting: 75% (C)

    I felt like that whoever was voicing (I want to say it's Brett Iwan) Mickey wasn't too great, but other than that the other characters were fine.

    Average: 91% (A)
  • He's Back!!!

    Well, it had to happen. After a 7-year hiatus from all-ages work, and focusing on his soon-to-be cancelled (and mediocre at best) preschool program, Mickey Mouse is back to doing shorts, and on the unlikliest of places... Disney Channel? That's right! He's on the network that's now infamous for airing teenybopper sitcoms that cannot be considered Disney anymore. Plus, aside from Phineas and Ferb, it's the only thing on the channel worth watching. In a generation that likes programming aimed at the lowest common denominator such as SpongeBob SquarePants, any of those Disney kid-coms, and any of those MTV reality shows, Is there anymore room for Mickey Mouse? The answer is a proud yes, and Disney has come to realize this. Perhaps my favorite short out of the series of new shorts is Tokyo Go. As a guilty-as-charged Japanophile, it definitely put a smile on my face.

    Director Paul Ruddish, perhaps known for his work in Dexter's Laboratory and The PowerPuff Girls knows the Mickey Mouse character inside and out, you can tell he worked really hard to capture the essence of what Walt Disney originally intended when he first created Mickey in 1928. Plus, if this was an intent by Disney to celebrate Mickey's milestone 85th birthday, it's perhaps the best birthday present the company has ever given him. No doubt that it will let a new generation of kids become fans of the character, and renew interest in his franchise. Here's hoping if and when these shorts catch on, they lead up to a hand-drawn animated feature film someday. Disney needs to remember their roots, and help kids realize when people think of the Disney brand, they're not thinking of it as a competitor to Nickelodeon, but rather one of the oldest and most respected names in feature animation and family entertainment.