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  • A Re-review... You done F***ED IT UP, DISNEY!

    Uggh! This is going to really upset me. I mean REALLY upset me. Because a few months ago, I was practically glowing about these new Mickey Mouse shorts. I didn't care about the new art style of the characters apart from Goofy, I didn't care about the flash animation, I was just very happy to see my childhood idols back on mainstream television. Which is why after the first several episodes I gave it an 8 for my review.

    I love shorts like No Service, Yodelberg, Tokyo Go, Ghoul Friend, O Sole Minnie, Panda-monium and Mumbai Madness, as well as several others. Most of the ones that take place in other countries are probably the best ones, cause they celebrate and embrace different cultures, and provide humorous moments for each without being offensive. You can tell the writers took great care with making these.... So what happened?! WHAT HAPPENED DISNEY!

    Shorts like Tapped Out, Dog Show, Third Wheel and especially Potatoland are outright terrible! Hell, all of Season Two except for O Futebol Classico and Mumbai Madness have been a complete joke! Seriously, what happened? It's like the creators just stopped trying, cause the plots are completely ridiculous now, and it seems like Goofy's becoming kind of a jerk as time goes on. That is unacceptable! Your ruining your ONE ray of sunshine Disney Channel. You better shape up!

    I'm really sorry for the way I'm acting, but when something that starts off so great goes south so quickly, it gets me a little upset. Mickey Mouse went from being a new and entertaining spin on an iconic character to just mulling around in stuff that makes no sense. It's so disappointing. I'm really hoping that as the second season goes on that it'll get better, cause I love Mickey Mouse, and I don't want to have to talk bad about him, Goofy, Donald or Minnie. But right now, the new Mickey Mouse shorts are a mixed bag. Watch the great ones I listed, but avoid the bad ones I mentioned. Hopefully you'll like what you see too.
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