Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer

CBS (ended 1987)


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  • I just watched this again

    I love Mike Hammer. The low ratings were just because bubble heads wanted to watch the junk network shows opposite Mike. Hammer should have been played at late night hours, which is so fitting with the show. The 1980s version was much better than the 1990s. The sound was better, the video was better, the music was better. Mike was younger, and Lindsay Bloom IS Velda, imho. The 1980s version didn't have the budget feel that the 1990s version had. Why can't we get the 1980s version on DVD?
  • It was great! The newer version with Shannon Whirry as Velda was excellent, too, but not as good. I was dissapointed when both tv versions were cancled! I'd give Mike Hammer a 10.

    Excellent show, especially the episodes "Green Lipstick" and "Holloween". I'd love to have the script to those episodes! In fact, I want them! Mike Hammer was one of the best tv shows in te 1980s and in the early to late 1990s, too. I would welcome a remake, or even bringing back the two tv versions as one series. If I could buy the dvds of both Mike Hammer tv shows, for less than $69 each, I'd glady buy them! Various phrases or words in my vocabulary, and some of my story writing, I learned from watching and listening to Mike Hammer, on a regular basis. I was a big fan of the show, and of the character! I even tried to dress as mike Hammer, for holloween, one year. I should've been paid for doing.