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Welcome to the Microsoap guide at TV.com.

Microsoap is based around Emily Parker and her brother Joe, who's parents are total opposites their mom like to Bungee Jump and eat Baked Beans out of cans, whereas their Dad arranges cans of soup in aphabetical order. So they divorce. Their mom meet a builder named Roger and Roger buys the house next door to the Parkers and knocks down the wall between the homes so it's just one big house where Roger, Mom, Emily, Joe and Rogers three children David, Felicity and Robbie can live in. Their Dad meets a theropist and he marries her.

This Show aired on BBC-1 and Disney Channel UK. BBC-1 doesn't air Microsoap.

Broadcast Schedule:

Disney Channel: Disney Channel UK air Microsoap every night at 1.25 am


Where are the cast now?

Rebecca Hunter (Emily): After Microsoap Rebecca auditioned for "Star Street" which she got the role. The Show was about a band struggeling. In real-life a band was part of the audition. The band were called allSTARS. They released 4 cd's and 1 album before they were dropped from their record label on the 19th of June 2002.

Is there any "Microsoap" merchandise?

Yes there has been a book series released through BBC Books. But we're not sure if you can still buy them!

Why are there so many episodes listed and only a handful shown?

Apparently the cast took a short time off and filmed loads of episodes but BBC dropped the show.

Why are there so many episodes listed as air-dates January 2003?

If any episode has that air-date then I don't know what airdate it airedmoreless

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  • two divorcees combine their lives and families. larks ensue.

    inventive fun for the whole family. very enjoyable.

    it's had a rash of imitators, but frankly the bbc could have re-commisioned their own baby and had a feather in their cap. apparently it cost too much to make, but it had an impressive array of prizes.

    colourful, fun, accessible and family viewing.

    let's see it again, specially in the light of mark haddon's continued success.

    failing that, at least pop the d.v.ds out, they'll make contact with another generation ready to get to know mr.haddon.

    and last, but definately not least, enjoy the fabulous cast.

    very, very, very, very, very funny indeed.

    a little gem. sorely overlooked.moreless
  • Witty, innovative and worthy of all of its awards

    all the acting as outstanding. the series is written by Bafta winning writer Mark Haddon, author of "the incident of the Dog in the night". look out for a blue mouse in half the scenes. a supposed imaginary character...or is it?

    unfortunately this show was finished after only two series as it deserved more. hopefully they'll show some repeats soon too.
  • Ok the first few eps wern't great, and it got repetive and crap later, but come on. This show was awesome! Very clever and very mature for a supposed kids showmoreless

    Yes, the early episodes were mediocore, and many people gave up on it there and then. But for those who stuck with it, the brilliance of this show would become apparent.

    The early episodes were need to set background.

    Then the real fun could begin when the CHIlDren FR0m HELl arrived