Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 6

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 15, 1994 on BBC Two

Episode Recap

Raffles arrives in town again and is escorted to Stone Court. He is very ill; Dr. Lydgate diagnoses it as delirium tremens, an advanced state of alcoholism. He orders Mr. Bulstrode not to give Raffles anything that contains alcohol, no matter how much he might request it. But during the night Raffles is in pain and gets very restless. Bulstrode, seeing the opportunity to finally get rid of the troublemaker for good, allows his housekeeper to give him couple of glasses of brandy. In the morning Dr. Lydgate is surprised of Raffles' death since his condition seemed to be approving. Bulstrode acts innocent. Rosie has once again gone behind her husband's back and asked his Uncle Godvin for money. Dr. Lydgate gets furious, they argue, and Rosie's father asks her to move back home until things have settled down. But Bulstrode, shaken by Raffles' appearance, finally relents and lends Dr. Lydgate £1,000. All their debts are now paid, and as a celebration Rosie wants to throw a dinner party. However, the townspeople get suspicious of the events at Stone Court, and accuse Bulstrode and Dr. Lydgate of killing "poor" Raffles. At the hospital board, they demand that Bulstrode must immediately leave his position. No one will come to Rosamond's dinner party, and she insists that they move away from Middlemarch. Dorothea wants to clear Dr. Lydgate's reputation, since she feels he has done a great deal of good at the new cholera hospital. She goes to see Rosie to try to change her mind against leaving town. Instead, she catches her with Mr. Ladislaw, who has recently also returned to town. Fearing the worst, Dorothea runs away. At home, grief-stricken, Dorothea realizes that she loves Ladislaw. But the next day Rosie tells her that there has never been anything between Mr. Ladislaw and Rosie, and that he loves her, Dorothea. The two finally admit their feelings for one another, and despite of Casaubon's will, they will get married. There will be another wedding, too. Bulstrode and his wife decide to move away from Middlemarch. Before leaving, however, Bulstrode hires Fred Vincy as the landlord of Stone Court where he can be a farmer. Finally Mary agrees to marry him.