Midnight Caller - Season 1

NBC (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • Blues for Mr. Charlie
    Jack discusses the issues surrounding gun control during his show, in which he talks with a store owner about protecting himself. This store owner ends up shooting someone and places the blame on Jack.
  • Wait Until Midnight
    Wait Until Midnight
    Episode 15
    A blind woman calls the police because she suspects a murder took place in the building in which she lives. She was talking to Jack by phone at the time of the incident. When the police arrive there is no evidence to support her allegations that anything happened.
  • Baby Chase
    Baby Chase
    Episode 14
    A doctor has her infant daughter is taken while she is helping a man on the street. The kidnapper is a young woman with some mental health issues and the baby has some serious medical issues of her own. Jack elicits the help of his listeners to help track down the young woman and the baby before it is too late.moreless
  • Ethan's Call
    Ethan's Call
    Episode 13
    Jack’s former partner, Rusty's son, Ethan calls Jack to tell him he has run away from home. Jack, who still feels guilty and responsible for Rusty’s death, feels obligated to help out if he can.
  • The Fall
    The Fall
    Episode 12
    A mother calls Jack to help her son and her neighborhood to get rid of the drugs. This neighborhood is where Jack began his career as a patrolman.
  • Promise to a Dead Man
    Jack is sucked in to an old unsolved murder case from forty years ago. This case is one of San Francisco’s most celebrated cases and ends up having an impact in Jack’s life.
  • Twelve Gauge
    Twelve Gauge
    Episode 10
    A man calls Jack’s show as he sits waiting for his girlfriend to come. He plans to murder her and then kill himself. The police and Jack are racing against the clock to find this home and save the woman.
  • Fathers and Sins
    Fathers and Sins
    Episode 9
    Jack's has not seen his father in over 25 years and his father comes back into his life. Devon and her father do not get along and then he suffers a heart attack. They both must find ways to forge new relationships with their fathers.
  • No Exit
    No Exit
    Episode 8
    A girl who ran away from home gets involved in prostitution. She calls into Jack's show looking for help in leaving this life and her pimp behind. Soon Jack discovers that the pimp is involved in other illegal markets as well.
  • Trash Radio
    Trash Radio
    Episode 7
    Jack is being attacked by a jealous competitor over an old Internal Affairs investigation from when Jack was on the police force, in which he was found not guilty.
  • The Execution of John Saringo
    The Nighthawk and his crew are invited to broadcast live from death row at a local prison. Jack, Devon and Billy follow an inmate during his final hours of life.
  • Bank Job
    Bank Job
    Episode 5
    Jack goes into a bank and finds himself in the middle of a botched bank robbery. Now he is a hostage try to earn the freedom of everyone inside the bank.
  • Payback
    Episode 4
    A female officer is wounded and her partner is killed. She is an old friend of Jack’s and they seek comfort from each other. She is the only witness to the killing of her partner and Jack finds himself in the crossfire when the killers come after her.
  • After It Happened
    After It Happened
    Episode 3
    Tina Cassidy an old girlfriend of Jack's informs him that she has AIDS. Jack decides that he needs to find out who is responsible and is surprised that the message of safe sex being ignored. He discusses this important topic on his show in the hopes of enlightening the public and finding the man who is responsible for Tina’s situation.moreless
  • But Not for Me
    But Not for Me
    Episode 2
    Jack receives a phone call from a man stating he is holding a suspected murderer in his personal custody. He continues to use Jack's show as a forum for his demands.
  • Conversations with an Assassin
    Jack Killian retires from the San Francisco Police Department after accidentally shooting his partner. He is offered a job as a late night talk radio host. A serial killer begins calling Jack which pulls Jack back into the crime fighting world.
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