Midnight Caller - Season 2

NBC (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • Nighthawk's Got the Blues
    Jack is haunted by the memory of Tina as her birthday approaches. His friends try to offer their help and comfort, but Jack seems to have lost way especially the reasons he helps others.
  • The Hostage Game
    The Hostage Game
    Episode 21
    Jack gets a call from an old friend, Kevin, who has seized the Colombian embassy. He explains that his brother is on the hijacked plane and the hijackers are claiming to be from Colombia.
  • Protection
    Episode 20
    When one of Jack's old informants, who is in witness protection, has his home attacked, he seeks Jack's help. Jack promises to help him protect his family and begins looking into how he was found. Jack finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy that reaches deep into the government.
  • Three for the Money
    Three for the Money
    Episode 19
    When Jack's younger brother is framed for stealing, Jack's father comes to his rescue. They along with Willi must find the artifact and return it to their owner.
  • Wrong Side of the Wall
    When C.W. Blanchard is released from prison after being incarcerated for most of his life, he finds adjusting to the life outside is more difficult than he imagined. Jack tries to help him to stay out of prison.
  • The Reverend Soundbite
    When Zymak comes under fire based on alleged police brutality issues, Jack stands up in defense of his friend. A local minister makes this a very public issue and making matters worse, Zymak can't disclose his alibi.
  • A Snitch in Time (2)
    Jack and Deacon work together to clear Jack’s name and find out the truth behind the accident.
  • A Snitch in Time (1)
    While Jack is driving Devon’s car, there is a hit and run accident. Jack and Devon’s car are identified as the culprits and Jack is arrested. This leads Jack into becoming involved with a thief and her plan.

  • Kid Salinas
    Kid Salinas
    Episode 14
    Jack takes on the exploitation of illegal immigrants in the sporting world when he decides to help a boxer who is be taken advantage by his promoter because he is an illegal alien.
  • Planes
    Episode 13
    A young boy is abandoned by his parents and finds shelter with a band of street thieves.
  • Based on a True Story
    Jack and Billy help citizens to survive an earthquake. They also assist callers in finding loved ones through the show. Devon finds herself in trouble and Zymak must find his family.

  • Do You Believe in Miracles?
    When statue of the baby Jesus is taken from St. Michael's Cathedral. The family who donated the statue is a member of the mob and they are looking for their own justice. Jack asks his listeners to help him track down the statue and the thief before the mob finds them.moreless
  • Blame It on Midnight
    During a show, a woman calls to discuss her life; she is being abused by her husband and is afraid that he may kill her. Jack and this woman run into each other and they begin a romantic relationship. Her husband reappears and Jack ends up the prime suspect in a murder investigation.moreless
  • Blood Red
    Blood Red
    Episode 9
    Jack helps Deacon’s girlfriend in resolving some gambling debts and in the process of the investigation finds out she is involved in and an art forgery scam.
  • End of Innocence
    End of Innocence
    Episode 8
    A mother goes to jail after she refuses to reveal where her daughter is living. She believes her ex-husband has been abusing their daughter and sends the daughter into hiding. Jack gets involved in the hopes of helping the mother and her daughter.
  • Someone to Love
    Someone to Love
    Episode 7
    Jack discovers that Tina Cassidy is losing her battle with AIDS. Jack goes to her bedside and remembers their life together.
  • Take Back the Streets
    A San Francisco neighborhood is plagued by drugs and the problems created by drugs. Jack’s show becomes a forum from the people of this neighborhood to get their message out.
  • Watching Me, Watching You
    A man begins to stalk Devon which forces her and Jack to re-examine their relationship.
  • Mercy Me
    Mercy Me
    Episode 4
    Jack discusses the issues surrounding euthanasia during his show. This hits close to home for Jack as the son of his friend is on life support.
  • Evil is Live Spelled Backward (2)
    The call-in killer kidnaps Devon which brings Jack and Zymak back together. They work together to save Devon and to find the reason behind the killers.
  • Evil is Live Spelled Backward (1)
    Jack receives several calls regarding on-air murders and locations of dead bodies. Jack's believes that this is a serial killer at work. Lieutenant Zymak does want to believe that it is a serial killer.
  • Tarnished Shield
    Tarnished Shield
    Episode 1
    The son-in-law of Jack's former mentor from the police force commits suicide after calling in on Jack's show. This man was a police officer and Jack finds himself involved in the efforts of the family to understand why. This leads to questions about that job and some of his former colleagues the ethics of some fellow officers.moreless