Midsomer Murders

Season 3 Episode 4

Beyond the Grave

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2000 on ITV

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  • Residents of the village of Aspen Tallow believe that there is a ghost among them but Barnaby and Troy are convinced that the strange goings on have a more earth-bound explanation.

    An expensive painting at a run-down museum is slashed in the village of Aspen Tallow. The police can't come up with anything much but they do notice the total lack of proper security for supposedly expensive exhibits. A painting restorer, Sandra MacKillop (Cheryl Campbell) is called in to fix the art work and that looks like it will be the end of the matter until a body is found in a nearby graveyard and Barnaby and Troy must take things more seriously as they try to figure out what connects the painting with the death and a supposed ghost who is said to haunt the museum?

    Enter Prunella Scales (Sybil from 'Fawlty Towers') who plays a medium, Eleanor Bunsall, who 'talks' to the dead and delivers messages from beyond to help the police solve the baffling case. Meanwhile, Nico Bentley (Ed Waters, last seen in Season 1) is now Cully Barnaby's (played by Laura Howard) boyfriend and is researching for a future performance as a policeman which means he is travelling around with Barnaby and Troy trying to learn the tricks of the trade. Barnaby is very annoyed by this and doesn't mind showing it very clearly to anyone and everyone!

    There is also something very odd about Sandra MacKillop, she is convinced that she is going mad, and after witnessing some of her odd behaviour, there are quite a few people inclined to agree with her!

    But what is really going on? What is the answer to the riddle of the ghost and who is the murderer? All will be revealed when you watch the episode and see for yourself.

    I was really disappointed in the weak script which this episode had, in my opinion, the only two things which saved it from being utterly dreadful were the excellent performances of veteran Prunella Scales and Ed Waters back again as the loveable Nico.