Midsomer Murders

Season 13 Episode 3

Blood on the Saddle

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 08, 2010 on ITV

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  • really bad

    i have watched 77 was by far the worst!
  • It's very rare that I would say that an episode of 'Midsomer Murders' bored me to sleep but this one came very close to doing so as Barnaby and Jones investigate murders connected with a Wild West show.

    Joyce and Tom, on a rare day of 'no police work', attend the annual wild West show in the village of Ford Florey. Just after Joyce has icecream tipped on her by a fellow spectator as they are about to watch a re-enactment of a Wild West 'encounter', the 'dunking witch', in full costume is shot dead by an extremely accurate sniper. Turns out that the dead woman is Faye Lennox, mistress of the dislikeable Jack Fincher whose wife tipped the icream into Joyce's lap.

    George Bullard is fairly certain that the gun who killed her was a vintage piece, not uncommon in the Wild West but when Jack Fincher and then his son are also murdered, Barnaby and Jones have to look closely at who owns a seemingly worthless piece of swamp land and who stands to gain if the Widow Fincher inherits it?

    I was so bored and the plot was so obvious and ridiculous that I was glad when it ended. Surely the script writers can do better than this? The only bright spot in the whole episode was the excellent performance by Caroline Langrishe in her role as Susan Fincher.
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