Midsomer Murders

Season 2 Episode 4

Blood Will Out

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 1999 on ITV

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  • When an unpopular magistrate is murdered in the village of Martyr Warren, travellers who are passing through the area are suspected of the crime so Barnaby and Troy must question the travellers who are not receptive to their presence.

    Hector Bridges (Paul Jesson) isn't a very popular man in the village of Martyr Warren where he serves as a magistrate. His house is like a fortress and he is generally quite dislikeable. When a group of New Age Travellers come through the area and set up camp nearby, Bridges is furious and wants them removed but as they are, for the time being at least, causing no harm, there is little that the police can do about them.

    Barnaby and Troy are not impressed either with Bridges or with the travellers, almost allof hom use the last name "Smith" for the purpose of confusing the authorities as much as possible. They warn the travellers to steer clear of Bridges and it looks as though all will be well until Bridges is found shot dead and the travellers are immediately suspected of being behind his murder.

    As Barnaby and Troy investigate, they learn that one of the travellers who used to live locally, Orville Tudway, (Kevin McNally) fought in the Falklands War alongside Bridges and was decorated for bravery. Tudway and his rag tag band all deny having anything to do with Bridges' murder but Barnaby isn't so sure, particularly as the travellers are all sneaky and secretive and not keen to answer his questions.

    Further queries uncover the fact that Bridges was even more disliked and feared than was first thought, even by the members of his own family. Tom begins to wonder if they might in fact be looking in the wrong place for their killer and when one of the travellers dies in mysterious circumstances he realises that the investigative net needs to be widened even further.

    I won't spoil the twist in this one but I will say that it's worth watching as there is some excellent acting, especially by Kevin McNally. Definitely worth a look.