Midsomer Murders

Season 4 Episode 5

Dark Autumn

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 2001 on ITV

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  • Plenty of macabre gore in this dark and grisly episode...

    One morning in the village of goodmans land, dave cutler, an arrogant wonamiser, is killed with a billhook. A young girl finds his body on the village green, his head merely hanging from his body, as the killer disappears into the foliage.

    DCI Barnaby finds many villagers with motives, but then, when a friendy young woman also has her throat drastically cut, an item from the 1950's left near her body, fears mount that a serial killer is at large in the community.

    They arent wrong...

    soon more people are brutally killed with items near the body, and Barnaby and Troy have to race against time to prevent the dangerous psycho killing again...

    The killer in this episode is very scary, and the jazz music they play whilst killing the victims, to set the scene in the 1950s is just chilling.
    Also the gripping closing sequence in which the killer tries to cut off the head of a well liked character is just on the edge of your seat stuff and is like something from a hollywood horror movie!

    Possibly the best episode in this truly brilliant series. anyone who thinks it is "just another mis marple" will eat their words after seeing this! This proves it can be more like messiah!

    (when they dont make stupid ones about orchids, that is... - see "Orchis Fatalis")