Midsomer Murders

Season 8 Episode 2

Dead in the Water

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2004 on ITV

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  • Less murder, more realism on the water

    Less murder, more realism on the water

    Another new episode, this time the murders take place during the Midsomer Regatta. The atmosphere of the episode is brilliant, so are the scenes at the water. The characters in this one are also drawn perfectly. The only problem is the plot, some of the things were just... unoriginal. The storyline about the theft was predictable and used many times. The identity of the murderer can be spot early.

    Besides the plot, which is, let's say: not the best one ever written it still is a nice episode. The characters were more realistic then in some episodes in which 3 or 4 people are killed. It was nice to see an episode with only one murder instead of 3 or 4. The killers motive was very convincing and realistic, so was the biggest part of the storyline. The only thing I hated was the "fake" theft to get money from the insurance, it used so many times it has become an anti-climax in the whodunit.

    I loved Diana Quick playing Claire Bonavita in this episode. Her role showed her talent at it's fullest. The other actors were also great, realistic. I liked the role of Hetty and her cheerful acting. I certainly will look out for other roles of this actress.

    I also liked the way this episode was filmed; it was very light-hearted and happy. The regatta, the nice weather, nice scenes around the water and not to forget Joyce wanting to buy a boat. The humour in the episode is brilliant, so is the joke at the end. The cheerful setting and nice acting in this episode were so good that I didn't mind the anti-climax with the theft. Not the best, but a nice theme and atmosphere make this episode certainly average (perhaps even more).