Midsomer Murders

Season 9 Episode 2

Dead Letters

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2006 on ITV

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  • Are Iris and Dennis Rainbird back from the dead? It certainly appears so to Barnaby when he sees two familiar faces.

    Tom Barnaby is a sensible man and he certainly doesn't believe in ghosts but he does a double take when he sees two people who just HAVE to be Iris and Dennis Rainbird. The thing is, Iris and her very creepy undertaker son were murdered years before so it obviously can't be them! Barnaby is more than a little relieved to find that the people in question are Iris Rainbird's sister and her son. Tom, however, doesn't have time to dwell on the striking similarities in appearance because a murder occurs during the local 'Oak Apple Festival' where a woman is found drowned and her death doesn't appear to be accident or suicide.

    Richard Cant is just as creepy in this episode where he plays Dennis's cousin as he was in episode one when he was portraying the equally creepy Dennis! He APPEARS normal, but if that's the case, what in the world are those photographs for?

    If you love 'Midsomer Murders', don't miss this episode whatever you do, it's worth it just to see the wonderful Elizabeth Spriggs and Richard Cant together to send shivers down our spines all over again. A terrific episode with twists and turns in the plot all over the place!