Midsomer Murders

Season 2 Episode 3

Dead Man's Eleven

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 12, 1999 on ITV

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  • When a wealthy man's much younger wife is murdered, Barnaby and Troy may have to look to the past for the answers to the riddles of the present.

    Robert Cavendish (Robert Hardy) is an older man of great wealth who is used to having everything his own way. He is something of a tyrant towards his family as well as his employees. The only person who seems to escape his moods and anger is his wife, Tara, (Felicity Dean) to whom he is devoted. The same can not be said of his relationship with his son and heir, Stephen, (Anthony Calf) with whom he is always disagreeing.

    Cavendish senior is a keen cricketer, and is greatly looking forward to the annual match between Fletcher's Cross and Midsomer Worthy. It is perhaps fortunate that Sargeant Troy (Daniel Casey) plays on the Midsomer Worthy team because the police are needed in great haste when Tara Cavendish is found murdered not far from her palatial home.

    When Barnaby (John Nettles) and Troy begin to investigate, they don't find many people who have good things to say about Robert Cavendish. The locals tell of a time some years before when some of his workers died in a mining accident for which Cavendish refused to take any responsibility, even though the whispers were loud that he knew that conditions were unsafe.

    The stabbing of the young man who does the scoring for the cricket matches puzzles the police greatly for they can see no connection between his death and that of the lady of the manor. Is it possible that Stephen Cavendish killed his stepmother when he heard that his father was planning to sell his estate and move with her to warmer climates? And if he did, why was the young scorekeeper killed as well.

    This episode is full of intrigue from start to finish and is one that is definitely not to be missed. An excellent performance by the seemingly ageless Robert Hardy and great work by the supporting cast make this episode one of the best of the entire series to date.