Midsomer Murders

Season 1 Episode 4

Death in Disguise

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 06, 1998 on ITV

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  • When a man dies after a fight with a friend at a commune known as 'The Lodge Of The Golden Wind Horse', everybody assures the police that the death was an accident but Barnaby and Troy soon have reason to believe otherwise.

    Bill Carter (Robert Pickavance) and his friend, Ian Craigie (Michael Feast) have jointly run The Lodge Of The Golden Wind Horse together for over a decade. It is a place where people can get away from the pressures of everyday life and live a peaceful, natural and happy existence (or hide from the police if that happens to be what they need to do!) Bill, it seems has had enough and wants Ian to buy him out but Ian, who has actually fallen for the lifestyle and is not just in it to con people out of their money, doesn't have the finances to give Bill his share. The twomen argue and it isn't long after that that Bill is dead at the foor on the stairs after having a furher disagreement with his long-time friend.

    When Barnaby and Troy come to check things out, prompted by the cult busybody, May Cuttle, (Judy Cornwell)they find nothing amiss except the strange behaviour of the majority of the people who live there, which they put down to lifestyle rather than anything sinister. They must change their tune however, when two more people die in ways that can most certainly not be attributed to accidents.

    A terrific episode with an unusual setting that makes it interesting from start to finish. Great performances by Michael Feast, a highly respected stage actor, and Judy Cornwell, best known as 'Daisy' from "Keeping Up Appearances" makes this an episode that you won't want to miss. A terrific twist at the end add to the entertainment and suspense. Watch it and see!
  • Spiritual murders, strange characters and Troy running more than usual makes this one of the best episodes in the series.

    After an accidental? death at a local "hippie" community, Barnaby and Troy gets tangled up in a story about, well, about a bit of everything. The characters in this episod are a bit fars-like from time to time but that just makes it all more "midsumerish" if you understand what i mean. The couple that dresses the same and finishes of eachothers sentences are my personal favoriets to dislike. But they all have heart and thats what makes it so good. Plus, sgt. Troy gets to run alot after suspects, Barnabys wifes cooking is worse then ever and Cully starts her acting carear.
    Nearly the whole episode takes place at the same place, the estate, and that gives it a nice "whodunnit" feeling.
  • Death at The Golden Windhorse...

    Phwoar! The scene where Andrew Carter/Christopher Wainwright is tussling with Tim Riley on the roof is sheer homoeroticism...hands grappling...plus they're both cute: one a murderer, one an innocent - but who?

    Some nice comedy too. The scene where Troy is driving like a maniac from The Golden Windhorse and narrowly misses a vehicle, which results in some of its laden straw entering his window is funny. Barnaby questioning Troy's driving ability just fuels the humour.

    Nice to see Charles Kay and Judy Cornwell too.
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