Midsomer Murders

Season 2 Episode 1

Death's Shadow

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 1999 on ITV

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  • The village of Badger's Drift is once again the scene of yet another murder, this time of a wealthy and unpopular property developer who had recently been told that he was terminally ill.

    Richard Bayly (Dominic Jephcott) is not a very well liked by the inhabitants of Badger's Drift. He plans to build public housing in the picturesque village in spite of the fact that the locals are vehemently opposed to the idea. Recently, Bayly's doctor had told him that he only had a very short time to live because of a malignant brain tumour but he knows that he certainly won't be missed by the villagers.

    When Bayly is brutally murdered with a weapon reported stolen by Vicar Stephen Wentworth, (Richard Briers) DCI Barnaby (John Nettles) and DS Troy (Daniel Casey) must try and figure out who among the many who had a grievenace could be Bayly's killer.

    The mystery deepens when Simon Fletcher, (Julian Wadham) a highly successful theatre producer/director returns to his home village after an absence of many years. When investigations reveal an incredibly tangled web of lies, secrets, more lies and a decades-long cover-up by influential members of the community, including the dead man, and when there is still more death in the small village, Tom has to try and piece the complicated jigsaw together before more people die. The question is, with so much secrecy and so many untruths, where does he start and how will it all end?

    This is a very good episode and if you have already become a fan of this excellent series by viewing earlier installments, then you won't be disappointed, particularly not when a delicious tale is revealed that will turn the entire village upside down.
  • In Badger's Drift, another spate of murders occur...

    Life in Midsomer continues to descend into madness as 3 men are brutally killed: the first one has his head chopped off, the second is burnt alive and the third is shot in the back with an arrow. The motive stems from the flashback sequence at the begining of the episode...

    Richard Briers can do no wrong, he's a wonderful actor and playing the Reverend Stephen Wentworth, he easily becomes the star of the show.

    Judy Parfitt makes a welcome appearance too as Angela Wentworth - Stephen's wife. Good calibre actress her. Judy's also appeared in Er and The Long Firm.

    Christopher Villiers reprises his role of David Whiteley (from The Killings At Badger's Drift) and is the Second Victim...
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