Midsomer Murders

Season 4 Episode 2

Destroying Angel

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 26, 2001 on ITV

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  • Blimey, what on earth's going on...?

    Some great actors present in a rather disappointing plot...instead of a murderer who personally dispatches his/her victims, they merely get other people to do certain things to ensure a painful/speedy death for whomever Death wishes to die: clever, but very boring. Yawn!

    Mushrooms, a drinks cabinet, a randy chef and a kinky doctor are woven into this sorry tale...
  • Nobody is surprised when the elderly owner of the Easterly Grange Hotel passes away but when people start going missing left, right and centre, the police have a lot of ground to cover.

    A rich old man passes away and leaves a share in his beloved hotel to several people. Nothing unusual about that except that some of the beneficiaries start going missing or dying in unusual circumstances. Enter Barnaby and Troy who have to weave their way through the complicated entanglement of relationships to find out who is killing these people.

    Gregory Chambers (Philip Bowen) is the first to die. He was the hotel manager and very close to the elderly owner. Quick behind him, are the chef and other recipients and when Barnaby finds out that there just may have been a more recent will and that the dead manager may have been in possession of it, he's pretty sure he knows where to look for the killer.

    This is a really great episode and in order to see why and untangle all the twists and turns, you'll have to watch it and see who did what!