Midsomer Murders

Season 4 Episode 1

Garden of Death

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 10, 2000 on ITV

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  • The Inkpen family are not exactly well liked in the village of Midsomer Deverell and when they make a decision to change an important piece of the local landscape which belongs to them, they are even less so.

    The Inkpen family are rich and arrogant and none of the Midsomer Deverell locals are very fond of them. This turns to outright dislike when they announce their plan to turn a beautiful memorial garden on their property into, of all things, a tea shop! They don't care at all that the people of the village are furious - they intend to get their way no matter what, but they soon find out that there will be consequences when young Fliss Inkpen - Thomas (Sarah Alexander)is found dead on the very spot that the family intends to build the tea shop.

    Just as this event is being investigated by Barnaby and Troy, her mother dies, apparently by her own hand, but this doesn't ring true with the police as they start to delve more deeply into the people of the village and the background of other members of family who just may be harbouring some very dark secrets.

    A pretty average episode but an excellent performance by Victoria Hamilton in her role as the unloved Hilary Inkpen. Have a look for yourselves to find out who is behind the ghastly crimes and why.
  • In Midsomer Deverell, a spate of murders revolving around the Inkpen-Thomas family makes DCI Barnaby question what motives are there for such attacks...

    First murder - brilliant! Fliss biffed on the head with a shovel, fantastic! Second, third and past murders - rubbish! I like a good weapon, not some flimsy poisoning etc. - boring! Where are the croquet mallets and daggers to be found, eh? Plus the murderer was obvious. Great cast though. Nice to have seen Belinda Lang. No Cully present - yippy! Hate her!