Midsomer Murders

Season 9 Episode 7

Last Year's Model

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 2006 on ITV

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  • Unusual But Good Episode

    We Start with Tom Barnaby arresting Anne Woodrow for the murder of her friend. At first it seems like an open and shut case, but after 3 things happen (first anne refuses to plead guilty, second, the victim's youngest daughter still believes her innocence, and an old friend drops info that contradicts his theory) Barnaby doesn't know what to believe. Now, Barnaby must reopen to case, either to confirm that he got the right person after all or to put the true murderer behind bars.

    This was a great episode, the beginning did a great job making the case against Anne seem damning, while the middle and ending did a good job explaining how she was innocent and who was truly to blame. The Finale was a little silly (basically Barnaby and one of the witnesses try to goad the murderer into trying to kill the witness and catch him in the act; the idea is that if he's caught red handed he'll have no choice but to fess up) but not as bad as it could be, since they are running against time and it very nearly fails (Barnaby is literally a hairs breadth from abandoning the op when the killer starts heading back to the Ultimately, the true killer is arrested, and due to the confession the prosecution drops the charges.

    The ending scene where the accused reconciles with the family of the woman she allegedly killed was very touching, and it was awesome seeing Anne kicking her douchebag husband to the curb.

    Overall a different episode but a great one
  • This episode is certainly different from what we are used to seeing because, for a start, we don't see a killing! (Although one has occurred) And, for once, Tom isn't sure if he has the right culprit or not! Very rare indeed!

    The different way in which this episode was handled make it great television because we started AFTER the crime was committed which is very rare indeed!

    Annie Woodrow is on trial for the murder several months before of her friend, Frances Trevelyan. Tom made the arrest and is happy that Annie guilty until he asks Jones to sit in on the trial and begins to have his doubts, particularly as Annie repeatedly states that she and the victim had been great friends for years and that she would never think of harming her.

    An eye witness at the scene of the crime placed Annie firmly there at the time and her answers to police questions were, in several cases, less than honest, but as things unfold, Tom begins to wonder whether she might actually be innocent after all?

    Is it true for instance that Annie was in love with the victim's husband or, equally, is the rumour that she had planned to move to London a true one? If the second answer is correct, did Annie really kill her friend or has she been very carefully framed?

    Watch and have great fun trying to unravel this one!
  • Midsomer Murders has been around for a while, and we had become comfortable with its formula but this episode turned that on its head and presented us with the courtcase months after the crime - and everything wasn't what it seemed. Spoilers here.

    When I started watching this episode of Midsomer Murders last night, from a recording, I thought I had made a mistake with my timer as the episode started with Tom Barnaby arresting someone for murder. We didn't see the crime, there was no build up of suspects and red herrings. But then the titles started & we went to a courtcase 10 months later.

    I always enjoy Midsomer Murders, I find it comforting television (thought ironically it usually has a very high body count!) because the wrong 'uns always get their comeuppance, and nothing bad ever happens to our heroes.

    But this episode took a new approach - a crime where Tom Barnaby starts to question the guilt of the person he arrested. It was an interesting approach - showing us that sometimes he can get it wrong.

    At times it was funny, at times quirky but it kept my attention and I enjoyed it all the way through to the end. It's nice to see that the cast & crew are comfortable enough with the show to play with the format a bit.

    Well played.

    (And what about that twist with Prue? Someone else in love with Tom!).

    ((And of course Joyce was away from Midsomer, maybe that is why no one met a grisly end...))
  • What an odd episode!

    Not the usual style of Midsomer Murders here! We don;'t actually get any murders occuring in the episode (yeah I know there was one that had ALREADY happened and someone ALMOST got killed)!

    This type of courtroom-based episode didn't really suit me, I prefer the usual someone getting murdered at the start and so on!

    I felt the plot of the episode was good however, I also thought the murderer was very unobvious and I liked the plot about the journalist.

    Anyway, to sum up, this episode is a little strange but alright all the sum. If you haven't seen Midsomer before though don't start on this episode!


    On the victim's grave it stats that she died in 2006. The court case for the murder was helf 10 months after, however this episode aired in September 2006 - only 9 months into the air. This means she must have died in 2005, not 2006!