Midsomer Murders

Season 5 Episode 1

Market for Murder

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 16, 2002 on ITV

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  • Strange deaths are happening in the village of Midsomer Market - strange because, on the surface at least, there is no motive for them.

    A ladies reading circle seems a pretty harmless activity and certainly no threat to anyone, so why then do members of this group suddenly start turning up dead?

    Barnaby and Troy have little togo on when they investigate the murders which seem to have little to connect them except the reading circle, which seems a highly unlikely reason to be killing people, but there are some suspicious things about the group, for example, they have been reading the same book for quite some time and they are very secretive about the entire business. When Barnaby and Troy discover that the reading circle is a cover for a very slick investment portfolio operation and that some members wanted to cash in their money, they think they may be on to something.

    This episode is a little bit like the second episode, 'Written In Blood', which is a shame but a fine performance by Barbara Leigh Hunt makes it worth watching.