Midsomer Murders

Season 13 Episode 5

Master Class

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2010 on ITV

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  • Much better than some we have seen this season and certainly a lot less predictable.

    When a renowned pianist holds a very special and select 'Master Class' for those who are exceptionally talented, it is a case of a lot of egos all vying for a place with the great man.

    Things go somewhat haywire when one of the young women taking the class is certain that she has seen a young woman drowning in a nearby river. Not only that, a small child has been left on the shore. Naturally, the police are called but the mystery deepens when there is no sign of either a dead body or the child.

    Was the young woman imagining things or is there some kind of sinister connection to a case that Barnaby remembers from many years ago? That's something he and Jones must find out.

    This one will keep you guessing and have you wondering who has done what, if anything, to whom. Certainly a very good episode and well worth the time to sit down and watch it.