Midsomer Murders

Season 8 Episode 3

Orchis Fatalis

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2005 on ITV

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  • Midsomer Malham is the ideal place for such genteel pursuits as say, growing orchids, but it turns into a seat of murder and there is a rare and expensive orchid at the root of it all.

    Anyone who knows anything about exotic plants knows that orchid growing is an exacting and very expensive pastime. When a very rare orchid is illegally smuggled into Britain and ends up in Midsomer Malham it ends up being the cause of more than just envy as people start dying and all, it seems in the pursuit of this rare specimen.

    A retired teacher of classics is the first to die, followed by Henry Plummer who is more than a little obsessed with orchids and with laying his hands on the best and rarest available. The question is not only who is spending a small fortune trying to take possession of the orchid but also, who wants it enough to kill for it?

    I liked the pace of this episode and the plot kept me guessing. Terrific performances by the guest actors and well done to the writers who put together a very interesting script with what, at first glance, would seem rather dull subject matter.

    Definitely worth watching.
  • You might imagine orchid collecting to be a peaceful occupation, but of course in the world of Midsomer death even looms over the flower festival.

    When Joyce Barnaby organises a flower festival, it is inevitable that soon murder will rear it's ugly head. An orchid collector is found dead, and it turns out she was a smuggler of rare orchids, who sold flowers for enormous sums to fanatical collectors. Soon other collectors are murdered, and a very rare specimen of orchid has mysteriously disappeared.

    This is a wonderful episode, with some great supporting characters. The jealously and backbiting between fanatical flower collectors is very funny, and the scene where the unfortunate Sergeant Scott accidentally treads on a rare wild orchid and incurs the wrath of the orchid fanatics guarding it, is extremely funny. I particularly liked the mild-mannered monk who derives great enjoyment from translating the somewhat torrid Latin diary of the first victim.

    You would never have guessed that a little harmless orchid could arouse such dark and murderous passions. "I think I'll let someone else organise the flower festival next year" Joyce says at the end of the episode. I think she is very wise.
  • More predictable than growing orchids

    More predictable than growing orchids

    I recently rewatched this episode of Midsomer Murders, the first time I saw it I thought it was silly and lame. The episode just doesn\'t really seem to get off the ground, I mean; the motive for the killings isn\'t that much of a surprise. After a first watch I hated it and thought I might give it another change, but I still think it is rubbish.

    The main plot of this episode is involving some orchid collectors; some sort of famous orchid has been spotted in the village. A hunt for the flower starts in the village, leaving a trail of murders (sorry, but this just doesn\'t sound as Midsomer Murders, more as some sort of b-movie desperately trying to re-enact Indiana Jones, I already see titles as \"Tom Barnaby and the killer orchid”). This episode is just; it is more some sort of adventure movie rip off than a murder mystery. The killer is hard to guess just for one reason... every single character has that motive for committing the murders. It could have been really everyone.

    Besides the main plot which is horrible I think there were some nice moments in the episode, the reaction of the orchid collectors when Scott steps on a flower for example. The episode just could\'ve been so much better, to begin with the motive. They could\'ve done much more with the diary of the first victim, which was in Latin. They could\'ve put another motive inside it. But instead of an original motive we get some sort of lunatic murdering for an orchid. One thing I liked also was the murder of Munro Hilliard, same as the first one with hemlock. All with all these things don\'t add that much to the plot. It just stays predictable or unpredictable because everybody could be the killer. A bad episode in a brilliant crime drama, let\'s just say: \"Every TV-series has its bad moments\" and forget this totally unmemorable episode.

    The viewers could have spent their time better, perhaps with growing orchids?