Midsomer Murders

Wednesday 8:00 PM on ITV Premiered Mar 23, 1997 Between Seasons





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  • Formula programming that's getting a bit stale

    When I first saw Midsomer Murders, I liked the characters and stories. Good, clean, harmless but nonetheless enjoyable programmes.

    I have a slightly biased interest in this series as it's mostly filmed in the area that I live in (South Buckinghamshire). Part of the fun for us is in trying to work out where the OBs were filmed. To be honest, now that the programmes are getting a bit stale (it seems to be the same formula used over and over) I seem to spend half my viewing time looking at the scenery and being completely distracted from the storyline when I see somewhere that I recognise. [ Old Amersham seems to be a real favourite whenever they want a "street scene in a town" ]

    I wouldn't be surprised if they "can" it after this series but who know? It could go on and on...