Midsomer Murders

Wednesday 8:00 PM on ITV Premiered Mar 23, 1997 Between Seasons





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  • The main character is Chief Inspector Barnaby. In every episode he solves at least one murder with the help of his Detective Sergeant, his Wife Joyce and daughter Cully.

    There are many reasons why you would like this show. The main would be chief inspector Barnaby. He is handsome, smart and funny. And even though he has this gruesome job of finding terrible murderers he still manages to have a great relationship with his family. His wife and daughter always find a way to help him find the guilty party by serving him the local gossip, which the gather by having odd jobs and hobbies around Midsomer.

    I prefer Detective Sergeant Troy over Detective Sergeant Scott. Troy is in the first six seasons. But Scott grows on you after a while.

    The show is a bit scary at times since the murderers are usually ordinary people. It's frightening to see how easily ones path may cross with one of a ruthless murderer.

    The scenery is great. Even though Midsomer seems to be packed with crazy murderers you can't help but wish you lived there.