Midsomer Murders

Season 5 Episode 3

Ring Out Your Dead

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 15, 2002 on ITV

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  • This is a brilliant episode with some superb acting by not only the regulars but by the guest cast as well, particularly Gemma Jones who does a great job.

    The bell ringers of the picturesque village of Midsomer Wellow are gearing up for a major bell ringing competition, which they intend to win. They practice and practice and practice until they are exhausted but that isn't the worst thing that happens as, one by one, the ringers are being knocked off. Barnaby and Troy have several theories. Are they being murdered because of the upcoming bell ringing competition (hardly likely) or is there a deeper and darker reason behind the deaths? Investigations reveal that the vicar of the village was murdered and shoved down the well in the year 1840 and Barnaby wonders whether there is some connection as local bell ringers were implicated in that crime.

    This one will keep you on the edge of your seats as you never know who is going to die next and trying to figure out who the killer or killers are is quite a chore in itself! A very entertaining episode.
  • In the village of Midsomer Wellow, all is not well when the bellringers of Saint Catherine's are being dispatched one by one to ensure what...? Once again, DCI Barnaby and DS Troy are entangled into another case...

    I loved this episode. The cast were superb. The plot was well woven (religion, sex, money, greed, fear, revenge etc.) with a variety of suspects and motives emerging - also it had a sense of humour without descending into self-parody. On a personal note, I thought the actors playing Greg Tutt and Liam Brooker (who just happens to share my name) were gorgeous...
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