Midsomer Murders - Season 11

Wednesday 8:00 PM on ITV Premiered Mar 23, 1997 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • 5/5/10

    A haunted forest, a gang of thieves and two couples' disappearance is the setting for this Barnaby mystery.

  • Days of Misrule
    Episode 6
    It is Christmas and DCI Barnaby deals with an explosion and some killings near a freight company, at the same time as trying to deal with his acting CS who has very strong beliefs about teamwork.
  • 7/27/08
    The Temple of Troth has one of it's members killed on stage. The local Midsomer Cult apear to be related to a series of murders commited using the venom of a dart frog. Furthermore all the killings seem to be related to the cults leader Ernest Balliol and his two former wives.moreless
  • Left for Dead
    Episode 4
    The building of a new road attracts protesters to a small Midsomer village, and it seems to be motive for murder when the developer is found dead. The discovery of the dead bodies of a hermit like couple lead Barnaby to the case of a boy who went missing 19yrs ago. Barnaby realises the key to solving the case lies under a well-concealed pact between several of the villagers.moreless
  • Midsomer Life
    Episode 3
    The "Midsomer Life" magazine and the Morecroft Hotel in Midsomer Sonning become the latest setting for Barnaby and Jones to solve a case.
  • Blood Wedding
    Episode 2

    The death of the maid of honour at an upper class wedding poses a challenge for Barnaby and Jones. These people are not used to having the police around asking a lot of silly questions. Barnaby has Cully's wedding to prepare for and things are not working out according to plan.

  • Shot at Dawn
    Episode 1
    A 90-year-old feud comes to a head when the name of a soldier shot for cowardice after the Somme is added to the war memorial at Midsomer Parva. A retired colonel is shot dead, and Barnaby and Jones discover dangerous secrets connecting two families.