Midsomer Murders

Season 8 Episode 5

Second Sight

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2005 on ITV

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  • When John Ransom is found murdered in the village of Midsomer Mere, Barnaby and Scott not only have to investigate the crime but also a belief that many in the village have the gift of second sight.

    There are a lot of complicated relationships in this episode and a fair amount of trouble between relatives but once you sort that out, it's an excellent episode to watch and even though the ending is fairly predictable, there is a lot of entertainment value too.

    John Ransom is found murdered and it is immediately noted that there are strange looking scorch marks on his head. Barnaby and Scott learn that Ransom was a test subject for his brother, Max, who was conducting experiments into second sight, a gift supposedly shared by several in the village, including, obviously, possibly the dead man himself.

    More enquiries reveal that John Ransom was also having problems with his brother-in-law, Ben Kirby over an upcoming Baptism which was causing major rifts within the family. The question is, were the experiments or the family squabbles connected to the death and who, if anyone actually has the gift of second sight? Watch and see!
  • ***Spoilers***

    Preaching Pete kills the Ransomes because of their connection/research into \'Second Sight\' (the ability to predict the future). Being a man of God meant that if it could be proven that a supernatural presence was at work then he as a preacher would have no flock at all and religion would be cast aside, so he committed one of the Commandments: thou shall not kill. He uses a candlestick, his hands and a tree branch to commit the murders.